Drag-N-Drive ® Addiction World Champion  presented by  Summit Racing


     New for 2023 – The Drag-N-Drive® WORLD CHAMPION will exemplify the work and dedication required to be titled Best of the Best and admired by their peers!    

Welcome to the First-Ever Drag-N-Drive® World Champion Points Series presented by Summit Racing! 

This award will change how everyone approaches this form of motorsport! 

We are rewarding the best performing racer within the drag-n-drive® community! The Drag-N-Drive® World Champion will be THE racer that finishes events, wins classes and sets records. 

Summit Racing is the leading supporter of the community, and they were heavily involved with the ruleset and points structure. We also reached out to many racers and promoters for feedback. 

You can also view the video explanation of the rules and eligibility by clicking the picture below:

National Events structure.

The Drag-N-Drive® World Champion Points Series is based on the performance of racers from National Level Drag-N-Drive® Events.

  1. Rules for National Events
    • Follow a format requiring racers to make an ⅛ or ¼ mile pass, drive the required minimum mileage, and make ⅛ or ¼ mile passes again until scheduled racing is complete.
    • Minimum of 1 time slip per day of racing required.
    • Minimum of 4 days of scheduled competition (rain out days recognized from Promoter)
      • Competition is defined as: Time between Drivers meeting and awards ceremony. 
    • Minimum of 625 public road miles driven during event.
    • NO Support vehicles Allowed for Racers.
    • Racer ETs calculated to determine Racer Averages. Racer Averages determine standings/Class Wins. 

Drag-N-Drive® World Champion Event eligibility: 

A Drag-N-Drive® World Champion Points Series eligible event must meet the Minimum National Event Rules PLUS the following criteria:  

  • Minimum Day One Registered Car Count: 150 vehicles
  • Submit Final event results to Drag-N-Drive® Addiction, or make results public.
  • Event must begin no earlier than January 1st and end no later than December 1st of Calendar year. 

 National Events (currently recognized)

Sick Week, Summit Racing Midwest Drags, Rocky Mountain Race Week,  Hot Rod Drag Week, Race Week (aka RMRW2.0), Street Week (Sweden) Miles of Mayhem and Southeast Street-N-Yeet Spring 2023 (ineligible-car count). 

Australian Events – Drag Challenge 22/23 (ineligible-car count)

Inaugural National Events that will be recognized upon completion.

Redwood Rally, BC DragIT Challenge (⅛), Death Week, Sick Summer, Delta Street Week (⅛)

*Drag Challenge and Redwood Rally ETs from ⅛ mile race day will be calculated to ¼ mile using http://www.wallaceracing.com/8th-quarter.php 

Drag-N-Drive®World Champion Points Structure

Must Meet ALL Rules from above

Points Awarded from Racer’s Top 3 National Events 

Racer may only use ONE 1/8 Mile Event for Scoring

Pass Tech: 1 point

Each Day a pass is submitted – 5 points (max 15 points)

Complete Event: 10 points 

**26 points total for event completion

Class Win – 7 Points

Runner-up – 5 Point

Third – 3 point

Bonus Points for Events:

6 sec 1/4 (4 Sec 1/8) ET Event Avg: +4

7 Sec 1/4 (5.00-5.49 1/8) ET Event Avg: +3

8 Sec 1/4 (5.50-5.99 1/8) ET Event Avg: +2

9 Sec 1/4 (6 Sec /8) ET Event Avg: +1

Lower Class Record (per event class) (inaugural event/class does not qualify): +1

Increase Class Average Speed (per event class) (inaugural event/class does not qualify): +1

In the event of a points tie, the Drag-N-Drive® World Champion will be Awarded to the Faster Average.

Where will this be awarded?

This will be part of the Drag-N-Drive® Racer Awards presented by Summit Racing.
There will be many other awards within this event! If you are a company that would like to support the recognition of the drag-n-drive® community, reach out as we have many opportunities available.
We are also working on Something special for the cars that run 10.0 or Slower and for the Regional events, those will come later.

What if an event doesn’t qualify, will our results still count towards the Drag-N-Drive® Racer Lists presented by Summit Racing?

You must also know, the races that are not eligible for the Drag-N-Drive® World Champion Points Series, due to lack of attendance, WILL STILL have their results calculated for the Drag-N-Drive® Racer Lists presented by Summit Racing. These lists can be found at drag-n-drive.com.
The racers that earn a spot on the Drag-N-Drive® Racer Lists will still be awarded at the 2023 Drag-N-Drive® Racer Awards presented by Summit Racing at PRI 2023!

Picture below links to the full video.