Drag-N-Drive World Champion presented by Summit Racing is Bryant Goldstone

Bryant Goldstone is the First-Ever Drag-N-Drive World Champion presented by Summit Racing

Bryant’s Co-Pilots for this year were Rob Sanders for Sick Summer and Brian Robbins for Hot Rod Drag Week and Southeast Street-N-Yeet.

Bryant Goldstone is known for being “one of the fast guys” at any drag and drive events he attends. His 1973 AMC Javelin is known for consistently laying down 6 second passes. The 2023 season would be a new challenge for the team as there were now more events than ever and less time for maintenance and upgrades. They worked through many struggles and came out victorious at three of four events.

The season started off as a DNF for the team at Sick Week, torching a head on day two.

They got the car home and assessed the damage and installed the larger cubic inch combo built by Bryant’s father-in-law. The combo worked and the guys came out the Quickest car of Sick Summer, with their ET average of 6.883. They finished the event winning their class, earning 37 points. 

Next on the event list was Hot Rod Drag Week. The team would win the Ultimate Iron Class for their fifth time. They also reset both the ET and MPH record of the class with their Winning Average ET of 6.743, earning them 39 points. 

With a total of 76 points, and the pressure from a few good friends, the team decided to make a run to be the First-Ever Drag-N-Drive World Champion.

After a few weeks, the car was reassembled with a few new parts in hopes of Southeast Street-N-Yeet being an easier event than the others this year. 

That was not the case….

The day before the event began, the team had the car on the track for testing and could not get the transmission to cooperate. So they spent that night swapping back to the transmission that had been in the car all season. 

After making a few attempts on Day One, they got the car lined out for a 4.693 pass. That gave them the lead in the Unlimited class and they headed out. They had struggle after struggle (cracked fuel cell, broken wheelie bar, flat tire) but would turn int eh quickest ET of each race day. Winning their class, resetting the Average ET Record, and finishing with a 4 second Average ET netted them 38 points.

With a total of 114 points, the team had won every class they had entered, Averaged in the Quickest ET points bonus available and reset records at both eligible events. 

“ingenuity, ambition and drive”

Lonnie Tibbs had this to say about Bryant Goldstone being Champion: “If you look up the meaning of goldstone in the dictionary it will give insight to what kind of person Bryant is.

Goldstone: Called the stone of ambition, goldstone is thought to assist in attaining goals. Some consider goldstone to be a symbol of ingenuity, ambition, and drive. It is believed to reduce tension, revitalize the wearer and encourage a positive attitude.

If you look at how long Bryant has been doing drag and drive, and doing it at a high level, it was only a matter of time to see him make his way to the top of the mountain!”

World Champion Prize Pack

The First Ever Drag-N-Drive World Champion presented by Summit Racing will walk away with:

Custom Hand-Made trophy built by Cold Hard Art

$500 Summit Racing Gift Card

Free Tires and two Buy One Get One cards from Mickey Thompson

Free entry into 2024 events Southeast Street-N-Yeet, Rocky Mountain Race Week, Race Week and Hot Rod Drag Week. With a guaranteed spot in Sick Week and Sick Summer.

One-Off World Champion decals for their car, trailer and toolbox

Custom Embroidered World Champion jackets provided by Summit Racing

Drag-N-Drive Addiction apparel package including hoodies, hats, shirts, license plate and decals. 

Precise Built Tools has included a 25-250 ft lb torque wrench and case. 

You can find more information on the points structure here: https://drag-n-drive.com/drag-n-drive-world-champion/

Event Eligibility

For an event to be points eligible, it needed four things:

4+ days of Racing, Racer Standings determined by Racer Average ET, 500+ miles of street driving and 150 registered racers.

During the 2023 season, we saw 13 events qualify for eligibility, with more than 2000 unique racers earning Drag-N-Drive World Champion points. 

We limited points accumulation to the Racer’s Top 3 events. Plus, they could only use one ⅛ mile event or class points towards their Overall Score.


Congratulations to Bryant Goldstone for being a great competitor and we look forward to his 2024 season!