#powercouple Ryan and Tammy Hargett Finish Second in Drag-N-Drive World Champion series


In the world of drag and drive racing, power couples are a rare breed, and Ryan and Tammy Hargett epitomize this title. Their journey from a daily-driven 2011 Ford Mustang to a fierce contender on the drag strips showcases a remarkable story of passion and commitment. Using that passion and commitment, they put together a strategic run at becoming the First Ever Drag-N-Drive World Champion presented by Summit Racing. (more about the points series: https://drag-n-drive.com/drag-n-drive-world-champion/ )

Purchased by Ryan as a daily driver, it wasn’t long before his automotive enthusiasm sparked a series of modifications. Their vision was clear – to create a street-legal beast capable of dominating both drag races and everyday roads. However, it wasn’t until the car underwent significant upgrades at Tin Soldiers Racecars that it truly evolved into a car “Built for Drag and Drive.”

Underneath the hood, the Coyote engine remained, boosted by twin 78/80 HPT turbos running on Methanol in race mode and backed with a TH400 transmission. The cars first drag and drive appearance came at Hot Rod Drag Week 2017, finishing with an 8.2638 Average and Second Place finish in Super Street Small Block Power Adder. 

A Late Start

Their racing season in 2023 kicked off in the middle of July at the Summit Racing Midwest Drags. Despite a last-minute thrash to turbo piping, an intake manifold swap, and transitioning the car to Methanol fuel, the Hargetts arrived untested. Nevertheless, their Mustang delivered, clinching victory in the Unlimited Class with a 7.462 average. and reaching a blazing 194.32 mph, setting a new personal best for the car and accumulating 36 Drag-N-Drive World Champion Points.

Their involvement in Hot Rod Drag Week since 2017 bore fruit once more in 2023. With a new Personal Best ET of 7.170 and a top MPH of 196.08, they claimed the Super Street Small Block Power Adder class win with an average ET of 7.2915, earning another 36 points.

With 72 points, the couple set their sights on the Championship. They strategized to attend the final National Event of 2023, Southeast Street-N-Yeet. Their ambitious plan entailed finishing the event with a 4-second ET average, securing a class victory, and resetting the Class ET Record to match the 110 points accumulated by Corey Thompson.

To maximize their chances, they entered two classes, Tiny Tire 235 and Unlimited, a decision Ryan humorously attributed to Mike Narx, playfully exclaiming “It’s all Narx’s Fault.”

Despite minimal testing on the 235 tire, Ryan embraced the challenge and steadily improved, culminating in a 4.826 Average ET at Southeast Street-N-Yeet, earning him 38 crucial points and bringing his total to the required 110 points.

Ultimately, Ryan’s combined Average ET across all three events was quicker than Corey’s, securing him the Second Place position. Meanwhile, Bryant Goldstone, with 76 initial points, also amassed 38 points, securing his Championship title. 

The Hargetts’ achievement of finishing Second Place in such a demanding drag and drive season is a testament to their unwavering dedication, resilience, and prowess on the track. Their story stands as a shining example of passion and perseverance by one of the community’s best examples of a #powercouple.