Top 25 Drag-N-Drive World Champion Points Series Racers presented by Summit Racing

Historic Moment

This is a historic moment for the Drag and Drive Community. Drag-N-Drive Addiction and Summit Racing, with help from several drag and drive racers and promoters developed a Points Series that would lead to awarding the First-Ever Drag-N-Drive World Champion presented by Summit Racing at the First-Ever Drag-N-Drive Awards, also presented by Summit Racing, at PRI 2023. 

Summit Racing is more than a sponsor for the drag and drive community. They are advocates, supporting events across the world to help push the sport further. They are also competitors and class winners, like Tommy Dupree in his Street Race Small Block NA winning Trans Am.

Lonnie Tibbs approached us with this idea as the end of the 2022 season closed. We had been working on a way to reward the fastest multi-race competitor already, but this idea took it to the next level. We spent several weeks designing a points structure that allowed the best possible series at the time. As a reminder, this is the first time any of this has been put into action!! 

DNDWC Points eligibility

We structured a system for racers to earn points for each day of racing, bonuses for podium finishes in classes and bonuses for their Average ET. Additional points were added if the racer reset the class ET or MPH record for events. 

For an event to be points eligible, it needed four things:

4+ days of Racing, Racer Standings determined by Racer Average ET, 500+ miles of street driving and 150 registered racers.

We limited points accumulation to the Racer’s Top 3 events. Plus, they could only use one ⅛ mile event or class points towards their Overall Points. The Quicker Racer would place higher in standings if points match.

58 Racers participated in 3+ Events during the year. 

During the 2023 season, we saw 13 events qualify for eligibility, with more than 2025 unique racers earning Drag-N-Drive World Champion points. To give perspective, there were only 1874 drag and drive racers in all of 2022 events!

Top 25 Drag-N-Drive World Champion Points

Below are the Top 25 Racers to accumulate points during the 2023 season,

1 Bryant Goldstone 114
2 Ryan Hargett 110
3 Corey Thompson 110
4 Richard Guido 102
5 Graham Hayes 101
6 Aaron Shaffer 100
7 Walter Doyle 99
8 Ben Neal 98
9 Clark Rosenstengel 96
10 Evan Uerkwitz 96
11 Joshua Norris Sr 96
12 Brian Acton 93
13 Cameron Thorpe 93
14 Rob Courtney 91
15 Bobby Admire 91
16 Steven Willingham 89
17 Darce Laws 89
18 Jason King 88
19 Matt Frederick 88
20 Jay Grabiak 86
21 Robert Williams 85
22 Adam Green 83
23 Jeffrey Pagano 81
24 Jim Wiser 81
25 Bill Armstrong 80


We want to congratulate these racers for being a huge part of this historical time within our community. 

What’s next?

So, what’s next? Well, we are just getting started!! We have a booth at PRI 2023 to promote the drag and drive community to the 40,000+ attendees. With the Drag-N-Drive Awards on Thursday, our Meet and Greets, and our time on the PRI stage, we intend to force feed the attendees of PRI a heaping amount of drag and drive content! 

For 2024, we have huge plans with more racer coverage, event attendance, better Live Streams and more we can’t get into yet. 

One way you can help

One way you can help is to share this post. Help reward these racers with the publicity they deserve for completing the toughest year in drag and drive history!

Thank you for your support and we look forward to keep pushing the drag and drive community to the masses.

Drag-N-Drive Addiction – Mike Narx and Eric White