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Billy Gebhart – In Memory of a Drag Week Legend

Billy Gebhart was a mainstay at Drag Week for many years leading up to his unfortunate passing.  He along with his daughter Rachel and his band of brothers were always working on their own fleet as well as helping others make it through the week.  Another thing Billy helped with was compiling stats.  He would take any and all information Hot Rod made available and kept spreadsheets with the data.  When anyone had questions, Billy was always there with the data.  Since he has departed us, the upkeep of information has been mostly absent.  Billy would be pleased to see that the compilation of data and stats is now continuing.  Thanks Billy, you are missed.   – Dan Nissen.

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Billy Gebhart (left) & Brother Dale (right)

From left, Billy with brother Dale *Photo credit: Photo provided by Gebhart Family.