Alex Corella’s 8 Second Street Driven Foxbody Mustang at Hot Rod Drag Week 2023

Alex Corella drives one of my favorite drag and drive cars. His notchback foxbody Mustang is one of the cleanest cars in the sport. Alex participated in the Street Race Small Block Power Adder class, which I followed all week so I captured most of his passes and will show those to you as well. I was able to catch up with him on Day Two of Hot Rod Drag Week 2023 for a rundown of the car.

In 2023, Alex marked his fourth Drag Week appearance in the fiercely competitive SR SB PA class at Drag Week, a noteworthy return after a five-year hiatus since his last participation in 2018. During his absence from Drag Week, he raced in other drag and drive events, including Sick Week in both 2022 and 2023.

Alex’s best pass of the week was put down on Day One, running an 8.528, fast enough to land him in 5th place, missing Brian Acton’s 4th place by 0.003 seconds.

The class is so competitive that Alex dropped to 6th after his 8.590 on Day Two.

On Day Three, Alex faced a tough challenge, recording his slowest time of 8.834 for the week. However, he held onto 6th place with an average time of 8.651, as many competitors struggled. The competition is incredibly close, with a mere 0.15-second difference potentially keeping you off the podium after three days.

Alex’s performance on Day Four marked a significant improvement as he achieved his third-best run of the week, clocking in at 8.583 and breaking into the 50s. This impressive performance allowed him to climb two positions in the standings, securing 4th place with an average time of 8.634.

In Darlington, Alex’s determination and commitment led to a remarkable performance, where he clocked an impressive 8.537, marking his second-best run of the week. This focus not only enabled him to maintain his 4th place position but also lowered his overall average to an impressive 8.614. Alex’s mindset played a pivotal role in his continued success at Drag Week, landing just outside the podium.

Congratulations to Alex and Christina on finishing another Hot Rod Drag Week! We look forward to seeing you at another event soon!