Corey Thompson is the New Drag-N-Drive World Champion Points Leader

In a thrilling turn of events, Corey Thompson has emerged as the new Drag-N-Drive World Champion Points Leader, cementing his legacy in the world of drag and drive racing. Thompson’s remarkable journey to the top of the leaderboard has been nothing short of spectacular, as he steered his 1967 Chevelle to a staggering 110 points.

Thompson’s triumphant run began in June when he claimed the Super Street class title at the inaugural Sick Summer event, showcasing his exceptional skills with an impressive 7.873 average ET. This victory not only solidified his position but also added an impressive 36 points to his tally.

Just two weeks later, Thompson pushed the boundaries even further, resetting his own Hot Rod Class ET Record at the Rocky Mountain Race Week. He managed to shatter his previous record of 8.153 in 2022, achieving a remarkable 8.087 in 2023, earning him an additional 37 points.

However, the pinnacle of his achievements came when he reset the Hot Rod Class ET Record at Race Week, surpassing Danny Allen’s 2020 Average ET of 8.954 with Corey’s extraordinary 2023 Average ET of 8.077. This outstanding performance at Race Week gathered an additional 37 points, securing his position as the Points Leader.

Reflecting on his incredible journey in 2023, Corey Thompson humbly remarked, “I did the best I could, and it was a killer year.” With a remarkable year behind him, Thompson’s name will undoubtedly be etched in the annals of drag racing history.