Drag-N-Drive World Champion Points Series update – August 2023

Drag-N-Drive World Champion points series presented by Summit Racing

We have hired Cold Hard Art to create the World Champion trophy! I won’t give any details but it is going to look amazing! 

We are halfway through the Drag and Drive season and the points race is heating up!! We have a new set of leaders, with the first round of racers having completed three eligible events! 

As a reminder, racers only accumulate points from three events, with no more than one ⅛ mile event being eligible for points. 

Drag-N-Drive World Champion Points structure:

Points Awarded from Racer’s Top 3 National Events 

Racer may only use ONE 1/8 Mile Event for Scoring


Pass Tech: 1 point

Each Day a pass is submitted – 5 points (max 15 points)

Complete Event: 10 points 

**26 points total for event completion


Class Win – 7 Points

Runner-up – 5 Point

Third – 3 point


Bonus Points for Events:

6 sec 1/4 (4 Sec 1/8) ET Event Avg: +4

7 Sec 1/4 (5.00-5.49 1/8) ET Event Avg: +3

8 Sec 1/4 (5.50-5.99 1/8) ET Event Avg: +2

9 Sec 1/4 (6 Sec /8) ET Event Avg: +1

Lower Class Record (per event class) (inaugural event/class does not qualify): +1

Increase Class Average Speed (per event class) (inaugural event/class does not qualify): +1


In the event of a points tie, the Drag-N-Drive World Champion will be Awarded to the Faster Average.


Leader: Walter Doyle – 66 Chevelle – 93 Points!

3 National Events – 2 Class Podiums (2nd Hot Rod RMRW & 2nd Unlimited SnY)

Walter finished Sick Week with 27 points, 26 points from completing the event and 1 additional point for his 9 second average. For Street-N-Yeet, he received 33 points by completing the event (26) and finishing Second in his class (5 points) with a 5.637 Average (2 points). Rocky Mountain Race Week had the same results with Walter’s second place finish (5 points) in the Hot Rod class with an 8.944 average (2 points).

Second: Adam Green – 79 Camaro – 83 points 

3 National events complete, with one Second Place Class finish 

Adam is another three race finisher, with Sick Week, Street-N-Yeet and Summit Racing Midwest Drags. Completing three events netted Adam 78 points, with an additional 5 points coming from his second place finish at Street-N-Yeet in the 235 class. 

Third: Justin Grey – 1971 Plymouth GTX – 78 Points

3 National Events complete

Completing a National Level drag and drive event is a win in itself. Justin Grey is the third racer to have completed three National events with Sick Week, Miles of Mayhem and Sick Summer. 

Fourth: Michael Westberg – 67 Camaro – 76 Points

2 National Events – 2 Class Wins, Reset ET/MPH Records at One event

Michael Westberg is currently the Fastest Drag and Drive Racer of 2023. Michael was the Overall Fastest at Sick Week 2023 AND Street Week Sweden. Sick Week was a huge points event for him, scoring 39 total points, actually maxing out the available points! He completed the event (26 pts), won his class (7 pts), with a Six Second average (4 pts) and Reset both the ET and MPH Records of the Unlimited Class (2 pts). Street Week Sweden was also a great event for him, with a Class Win (7 pts) and a 4 Second Average (4 pts) for a total score of 37 points. One of the most outstanding stats is that Michael did all of this in two different cars, his S10 at Sick Week and his new-to-him 67 Camaro at Street Week Sweden. Will we see Michael Westberg attempt a third event?!

Fifth: Corey Thompson – 67 Chevelle – 73 Points

2 National Events – 2 Class wins and Reset of ET & MPH Records for one event

Corey Thompson has also only completed two national events, winning his class at both. Sick Summer was his first win of the season, netting him 33 points (26 completing event + 7 points for Class Win) with an additional 3 points for his first 7 Second ET average. Rocky Mountain Race Week resulted in 37 points for Corey by completing the event (26 pts), Winning his class (7 pts) with an 8.065 average (2 pts) while also Resetting the ET and MPH Class Records! Corey Thompson is signed up for the Hot Rod class Race Week!

If the racers with 3 events compete again, the event with the lowest points will be replaced with a higher scoring event. 


Eligible events yet to run

Hot Rod Drag Week, Race Week, Southeast Street-N-Yeet Fall, Redwood Rally, Delta Street Week (I am trying to confirm if they have enough racers registered), Drag Challenge and Death Week

The Winner of the First-Ever Drag-N-Drive World Champion may have not even raced yet!!


Let’s run some hypotheticals….

Corey Thompson wins his class at Race Week, ends with a 7 second average, and Resets ET and MPH Class Records – that would put him at 110 points. 

For Westberg to get to 110 points, he needs to borrow/rent a 7 Second Car – He needs to place second in the class but doesn’t have to reset the ET or MPH record – if he places second, they will tie in points. But, because of his 6 second average from Sick Week, he would win it all.  


Aaron Shaffer, with 71 points, is racing at Race Week and currently holds the ET and MPH Records for his class. With a Class Win, and Resetting both Records, he can land at 108 points. Still within striking distance of the Championship.


Racers with a great chance of winning as well.

Bill Armstrong – 69 points

Rich Guido – 69 points

Michael Strausser – 68 points

Graham Hayes – 67 points

Mark Mannor – 67 points

Brian Acton – 66 points

Kyle Calkins – 66 points


We are a few weeks from Hot Rod Drag Week, which I feel is the most important event of the year for the Drag-N-Drive World Champion points series! Drag Week’s roster will have some of the best racers in this community. The competition will be relentless and we could see serious shake-ups to the list of racers listed above. 


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