Glenn Hunter and Kate DOMINATE Summit Racing Midwest Drags 2023

Glenn Hunter Jr is Quickest Racer at Summit Racing Midwest Drags

Long time drag-n-drive competitor Glenn Hunter Jr wins Prostreet Power Adder at Summit Racing Midwest Drags with a 7.432 average ET! His twin-turbo big block ‘56 Belair is well known for its great looks and running consistently in the front of his class. This event was no different, with Glenn laying down the quickest pass on three of the four days of competition. 


Setting the bar very high on Day Zero, Glenn ran a 7.2xx during the test session that is held after registration! That pass set the stage for the week, with him submitting eight Seven-Second timeslips throughout the week. 

Quickest Pass of the Event!

Racing began Tuesday with Glenn making the first competition pass of the event, running a low seven second ET! Glenn would later submit that pass, being his fastest of the week, a 7.231 at 193.18 mph. The 7.231 was also the Quickest Pass of Day One AND the entire EVENT! Graham ran a 7.770 on that pass. Glenn would later run his second best pass of the week, a 7.235 at 192.91 mph. 


We raced Wednesday at Atco in New Jersey, after covering almost 300 miles on some crappy northeast roads. Glenn, again, made the quickest and fastest pass of the day, submitting a 7.472 at 190.92 mph. His second pass submitted was a 7.518 at 187.44 mph. 

Quickest ET Three Days in a Row!

After the successful day at Atco, Glenn and company headed west towards Cecil County Dragway by way of S&W Racecars, a drive of roughly 150 miles. Cecil County was on point with track prep and everyone was flying!! Glenn, for the third day in a row, ran the quickest ET of the day, a 7.328! Ryan Harget was getting his car figured out and ran the Fastest MPH of the day at 189.66 mph.

Seal the Deal!

Leading the class and event, Glenn headed south towards the host track, covering almost the same 300 miles as earlier in the week. Once at Virginia Motorsports Park, Glenn only needed to make two 7.8xx passes to complete the week and seal his class win (if Graham ran 7.7xx on his two passes). The 56 Belair was running great and took the class win with a 7.511 and 7.819 to complete the event, win his class and secure the Overall Fastest ET Average for the Summit Racing Midwest Drags 2023!

Faster and Free!

Glenn also reset the Midwest Drags Prostreet Power Adder Class Records for both ET and MPH. He previously held the ET Record at 7.651 and MPH Record at 176.40, both from the 2021 event. The new records stand at 7.432 and 187.52!

This win also crowned Glenn as the Three-Time ProStreet PA Champion of Summit Racing Midwest Drags! Will Glenn return for 2024 and attempt a Four-Peat?! If he does, he’ll be racing for FREE as Mickey Thompson Tires has signed back up to cover the entry fees for Class Champions!

“I’ll never forget our group getting to the hotel and jumping right into the pool to cool off!” – Kate 

Kate, Glenn’s 25 year old daughter, was his co-pilot for the week. When I let her know of all of their accomplishments, she replied “I love that I get to see firsthand and behind the scenes how much blood, sweat and tears my Dad puts into racing and his car. My whole life I have always thought my Dad was the coolest person ever and it’s so great to see that other people agree with me. I’ve been going racing since I was a year old and now I’m 25. I’ll always have the best memories with my Dad and I’m so grateful that it’s something we both love so much! I’m super proud of him especially this past Midwest Drags because of how hot it was! He worked super hard and it paid off. I’ll never forget our group getting to the hotel and jumping right into the pool to cool off! Can’t wait to do it all again!!”


Congrats to Glenn and Kate on another amazing finish and we look forward to seeing him again soon!  


Glenn’s Summit Racing Midwest Drags History

SRMD 2021 – Prostreet PA Champion – 7.651 Avg

SRMD 2022 – Prostreet PA Champion – 7.829 Avg

SRMD 2023 – Prostreet PA Champion – 7.432 Avg