Mike Conforti takes on Midwest Drags, his 6th drag-n-drive


There is nothing cooler than pulling up to your hotel and seeing a #racecarfriend! 

The first racer we have seen at a hotel is a 5 time drag-n-drive participant, Mike Conforti! I immediately noticed the Rocky Mountain Race Week banner! Then the Pennsylvania plates! This is my kind of guy, he’s not afraid to travel to participate in these style events. 


“Built for drag-n-drive”

As we walk in to the hotel, Mike is walking out. That’s when I learn the car is a 408 LS with enough nitrous to run 9s, a 4L80 transmission and a Strange 9inch rear axle, does it get more drag-n-drive than an overdrive transmission???? When asked what his goal was for the week, Mike replied, “I’ll enter the 11.00 class and then make a hero pass on Friday.”


Mike’s drag-n-drive history

Hot Rod Drag Week 2016 – 10.498 avg

Hot Rod Drag Week 2018 – 10.411 Avg

Hot Rod Drag Week 2019 – 11.569 Avg

Race Week 2020 – 11.066 Avg

Rocky Mountain Race Week 2021  – 11.847 Avg


We kick off tech and testing tomorrow at Summit Racing Midwest Drags and will bring you updates of Mike’s runs and average throughout the week!