Can YOU Reset the Record?! Drag-N-Drive® World Champion presented by Summit Racing

In the chase for the First-Ever Drag-N-Drive® World Champion presented by Summit Racing, some of the most important points earned could be the points awarded for resetting the current Class Records of National Level Drag-N-Drive Events!

If you haven’t seen the full rules and points structure, make sure to visit the webpage: https://drag-n-drive.com/drag-n-drive-world-champion/

The next “Perfect Points Event”

The next eligible event awarding both additional points is Summit Racing Midwest Drags, July 10-14, at Virginia Motorsports Park. Registration for SRMD: https://summitmidwestdrags.com/register/

From the Official Drag-N-Drive® World Champion Rules:

Lower Class Record (per event class) (inaugural event/class does not qualify): +1

Increase Class Average Speed (per event class) (inaugural event/class does not qualify): +1


The Class Records of Summit Racing Midwest Drags are based on the running of the 2021 and 2022 events. While the event began in 2019, the classes list changed dramatically between 2019 and 2021. The class list has been current since 2021 and will remain for 2023.

Summit Racing Midwest Drags Class Records

Gasser A:

ET Average: Jay Grabiak 2021: 9.909

MPH Average: Jay Grabiak 2021: 133.45

Gasser B:

ET Average: Dan Chisholm 2021: 9.547

MPH Average: Dan Chisholm 2021: 139.10

Hot Rod:

ET Average: Mark Fisher 2021: 9.163

MPH Average: Mark Fisher 2021: 132.35


ET Average: Stephen Chechak 2021: 8.644

MPH Average: Stephen Chechak 2021: 160.26

Manual Shift H:

ET Average: Tyler Garlock 2021: 9.165

MPH Average: Tyler Garlock 2021: 161.31

Manual Shift Unlimited

ET Average: Bill Armstrong 2021: 8.912

MPH Average: Bill Armstrong 2021: 164.00

Modified NA

ET Average: Terry Miller 2021: 8.646

MPH Average: Terry Miller 2022: 158.51

Modified PA

ET Average: Cleetus McFarland 2021: 7.817

MPH Average: Cleetus McFarland 2021: 181.11

Pro Street NA

ET Average: Matt Sweet 2022: 8.930

MPH Average: Matt Sweet 2022: 151.81

Pro Street PA

ET Average: Glenn Hunter Jr 2021: 7.651

MPH Average: Glenn Hunter Jr 2021: 176.40

Street Machine Eliminator (Replaced by SM 10.00 Index)

ET Average: William Spangler 2021: 10.023

MPH Average: Craig Douglas 2021: 141.86

Street Race Big Block NA

ET Average: Guy Protano 2021: 9.020

MPH Average: Chris Roscoe 2021: 150.70

Street Race Big Block PA

ET Average: Mark Vinson 2021: 8.547

MPH Average: Bill Schwarz 2022: 160.00

Street Race Small Block NA

ET Average: Jason Tabscott 2021: 8.929

MPH Average: Jason Tabscott 2021: 151.91

Street Race Small Block PA

ET Average: Brian Acton 2022: 8.516

MPH Average: Randall Reed 2021: 161.75

Super Street Big Block NA

ET Average: Tyree Smith 2021: 9.189

MPH Average: Guy Protano 2022: 148.74

Super Street Small Block NA

ET Average: Curtis Johnson 2021: 8.940

MPH Average: Curtis Johnson 2021: 151.95

Super Street Small Block PA

ET Average: Ryan Hargett 2022: 7.577

MPH Average: Ryan Hargett 2022: 185.36


ET Average: Cleetus McFarland 2022: 7.300

MPH Average: Cleetus McFarland 2022: 202.00

Are You Fast Enough to Break the Record????

Tell us which class you are entered and if you will be competitive with the current record!

If you haven’t registered, you can do so at midwestdrags.com/register


Rocky Mountain Race Week is technically before Summit Racing Midwest Drags but the public data does not provide the MPH of past competitors. I have reached out to the event promoters for this information. Racers will be eligible to earn at least one additional point by resetting the Class ET Record for the RMRW event.

Look for the Rocky Mountain Race Week Class Records later this week!! Until then, you can find some stats here – https://drag-n-drive.com/rmrw-all-time-stats/