Drag-N-Drive® Racers are saving Drag Racing

“Drag-N-Drive® Racers are saving Drag Racing”

The drag-n-drive® phenomenon has exploded and is filling the streets with gearheads like never before! More than 1500 people will participate in this next wave of events. With 14 Events in the next 11 weeks, we will see records shattered!! Every level of vehicle will be represented, cars like Ryan Hargett’s totally rebuilt, 6 second capable, twin-turbo Coyote Mustang all the way down to a completely stock 150 hp “Plan B” car. And the team at Drag-N-Drive® Addiction are here to provide you with News and Entertainment from the drag-n-drive® community! The link to all events at the base of the article. 

More Racing equals More Racing!!

Over the next 79 days, there are more than 60 days of racing scheduled for drag-n-drive® events around the world! Events will be hosted in the Southeast United States, Australia, Central United States, United Kingdom, Alaska, Midwest United States, Sweden and Canada! Racetracks around the world will open on uncommon days, allowing additional income and awareness from potential fans coming to see the hottest form of drag racing in years! More fans in the seats for these events equals the opportunity for them to return, to spend money on concessions or track merch!

Therapy and Chicken Annie’s….

New racers will soon experience one of the greatest feelings in the car hobby. Cruising two lane blacktop, in your hot rod, from small town to small town, with all of your new #racecarfriends. This is the best way to spend a few days. Veteran participants know the therapeutic feeling of an engine humming along at 3000 rpm with the wing windows open blowing in the cool night air. As you cruise into town, there are new friends at every gas station. These late night stops along the route create more friendships than a full weekend of drag racing. 

While racers let their cars cool down, they will find a local restaurant to eat. Spending money in a small town creates stories and memories from any and all involved. For The Circuit, we heard about Chicken Annie’s, a small town restaurant opened in the 30s and still going strong today because of the amazing food and wonderful staff. I challenge you to find your own Chicken Annie’s and invite some racers to join you. #ChickenAnniesisbetterthanChickenMarys will always be an inside joke between 20 friends because of drag-n-drive®….

Is Index Racing taking over??

Drag-N-Drive® is no longer just about making your fastest, all-out pass each day. With many promoters adding index style classes; the slower, more consistent racers are flocking to the events. During the 2022 season, we saw the 10 and 12 second ET range make up nearly 30% of the field. We expect the trend to continue as people have found tuning for exact ETs is just as challenging, possibly more, than running the car to the fastest ET each pass. With Rocky Mountain Race Week setting the example, we will see events like Summit Racing Midwest Drags and Sick Summer award racers with the most consistent passes at each track. Rocky Mountain Race Week has their racers’ chase indexes of 9.00, 10.00, 11.00, 12.00, 13.00 and 14.00. New for 2023, Summit Racing Midwest Drags has added indexes of 10.00, 11.00 and 12.00; these replace the Street Machine Eliminator class. Sick Summer separates their racers into two classes of consistency. Dial Your Own (DYO) is for racers 10.00 and slower. Pro-DYO is for racers from 8.50-9.99. The goal of these classes is for the difference of your Fastest and Slowest Pass of the week to be the smallest gap of the group. Index racing may not get the coverage of the Unlimited Cars, but I guarantee you these racers work as hard as the fast guys. 


Drag-N-Drive® World Champion presented by Summit Racing

To add another layer of excitement, Summit Racing and Drag-N-Drive® Addiction will crown a Drag-N-Drive® World Champion at PRI 2023. By the end of July, we will see the competitive nature of these racers. Racers will use their best three event points to calculate their overall score, the racer with the highest score wins it all. While the Drag-N-Drive® World Champion is based on points acquired from National Level events, there are still lists and awards for the Regional (or weekend) events. You can follow the Drag-N-Drive® World Champion standings on drag-n-drive.com

Full list of 2023 Drag-N-Drive® Events:



Article by Mike Narx