Can a Naturally Aspirated car earn the First-Ever Drag-N-Drive® World Champion?!

Can a Naturally Aspirated car earn the First-Ever Drag-N-Drive® World Champion?!

Doc McEntire and Jeff McConnell, in the See Red Camaro, are coming for the First-Ever Drag-N-Drive® World Champion!! 

More than One Event!

In previous years, Doc and Jeff have only ever competed in one event per year with the Camaro. But, once Doc saw the opportunity to take this award home, he took immediate action!! From his facebook post, he had this to say “event #2 for me will be Summit Midwest Drags in July. Goal is another “perfect points event” and then I just need to decide about event 3. Counting out a little N/A team?, bad idea.” 

Sometimes, racers just need a nudge…. 

Doc is currently behind the leaders by 1 point with his Sick Week 2023 finish! Let’s talk about how Doc got there, and why he isn’t tied for the lead…..

The See Red Camaro was on a mission to make a statement at Sick Week. 

The car had it’s first point by the end of Day Zero by completing Event Tech. The first three days accrued the next 15 points (5 points daily) by simply submitting an ET slip to the Event Staff. Once the event was complete, another 10 points were awarded to the team.

Making passes is the easy part of this points structure, as every person to complete the event will receive 26 points. 

“Finish Events, Win their Class and Reset Class Records.”

Since only a racer’s top three event finishes are used to determine the Drag-N-Drive® World Champion, we implemented additional points available for exceptional racers. In the live stream releasing the points structure I said “The Drag-N-Drive® World Champion will be the racer to Finish Events, Win their Class and Reset Class Records.”

Doc and Jeff pushed the See Red Camaro to a Seven Second event average with runs in the 7.70s and 7.80s each day of competition. Completing the week with a 7.834 ET Average, netting them an additional 3 points. By winning the class, the team added 7 points to their total. On top of that, the team reset the Naturally Aspirated ProStreet Class ET and Average MPH record, netting them an additional point for each record! 

Congrats to Doc McEntire and Jeff MCConnell for taking a Naturally Aspirated to the top of the list! We look forward to seeing you at Summit Racing Midwest Drags!!

Article by Mike Narx. Photos by Parts Online Network and 3G Video

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