Which drag-n-drive® events are Clutch Burners Podcast hosts and guest Mike Finnegan attending?

On the most recent episode of the Clutch Burners Podcast, Bangshift Bill Armstrong and Canadian Chuck Norris Rich Guido visit with Mike Finnegan! The guys dive deep into Blasphemi and the other cars Mike has owned and broken over the years. Tons of great topics are covered during the two hours of the interview.

In the middle of the episode, the guys discuss the drag-n-drive events they look to attend in 2023. 

Mike kicks off the conversation with Hot Rod Drag Week being one of his targets, but could not commit 100% because of the dynamics of his schedule. 

Rich is headed to Miles of Mayhem, Race Week (RMRW 2.0) and Death Week! That would mean he will attend FOUR National Level Drag-N-Drive® Events!! Can Rich be the First-Ever Drag-N-Drive® World Champion presented by Summit Racing?!

Bill will be staying close to home to attend both Rocky Mountain Race Week events. Those events actually following the same route for 2023, but in different race day order. 


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Clutch Burners Podcast Episode 17 – Mike Finnegan of Finnegan’s Garage, MotorTrend, Roadkill, & more