“While I’m in there”….. Quit RUINING your Project Car!!

Quit Ruining your Project Car!

Please please please just get your project car running, quit taking them apart!!

Lower the Bar ~ Perfectionism is Ruining the Automotive Hobby

Just go take cars apart at the junkyard if you want to disassemble something, quit taking project cars apart!!

“While I’m in there….”

A great car buddy friend chased a Plymouth Duster for YEARS, attempting to buy from a family for a very long time. Finally, he was able to purchase the slant-six, three speed manual, survivor paint, pizza cutter, base model car! After some tinkering, the car was running, so he daily drove it for months! During this time, he began gathering parts for a Gen 3 Hemi swap…… The parts list was great for a street cruiser – torquey cam, upgraded valvetrain, TCI torque converter, fresh 904 Transmission and a 8 3/4 rear axle!

With the garage filled with these new parts, the car was pulled in and the worn-out drivetrain removed. Then the carpet was pulled out since they were going to rewire the car with a new harness…. That’s when they notice the floorpans are weak and have some rust holes so new ones are purchased and the old ones cut out… “While we are doing bodywork, the rear quarters are crusty too with some holes….” So those were cut out and new panels ordered….

Fast forward to more than a year and the car is sitting outside with NO Gen 3 Hemi swap, NO wiring, NO rear quarters and big holes in the floor…..

“While I’m in there” is the kiss of death for most builds…