FASTEST Truck in Drag-N-Drive Racing EVER!!

Michael Westberg and Rasmus Stenfelt brought the S10 from Sweden to compete in Hot Rod Drag Week 2022! These guys set so many new records with this trip!
There are so many great stories that come from this trip and we will have Michael on one of the shows to discuss a few of them! But here’s a quick few:
Late Night/Early Morning on Day Two or Three, they almost destroy the front air dam at highway speed by a “Wash Bear”, better known here in the US as a raccoon. Having to repair it, road-side, with duct tape and cell phone flashlights. We’ll let him talk about the clean-up when he is on…..
Or when he damages the bedside from backing the trailer…
Hot Rod Drag Week 2022 Average: 6.586 at 207 MPH!
Congratulations to Michael and Rasmus!
Drag-N-Drive Stats & Records:
3rd Fastest Drag-N-Drive Racer EVER!
4th Fastest Drag-N-Drive Event Average EVER!
Fastest Small Block Engine EVER!
Fastest LS Engine EVER!
Fastest Truck EVER!
Fastest Stock Body (dims) EVER!
Fastest Non-US Resident EVER!