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The Top 25 Fastest Drag-N-Drive™ Drivers for 2023 In the 9 Second Category!

This website is updated frequently.
Check back soon for updated stats! Racers with a pass Quicker than 9.000 at corresponding event are not eligible.
*All stats provided by Mike Narx (instagram @dragdriverepeat)
*In memory of Billy Gebhart

PlaceFirst NameLast NameVehicleEvent AverageEventWorld Champion Points
1LunaTran2020 Nissan GTR9.08659.087RMRW 202334
2WenderGomes2016 Ford Mustang9.0878759.088Summit Midwest Drags 202327
3VinceRuhe62 Chevy Nova9.096759.097Race Week 202366
4RobertWorcester1981 Chevrolet Malibu9.12969.130Sick Week 202327
5TJLinebaugh1978 Ford Fairmont Wagon9.13229.132Sick Week 202332
6MarkFisher1932 Ford Pick Up9.14979.150Hot Rod Drag Week 202335
7DamonElff1995 Toyota Supra9.15539.155Sick Summer 202356
8MattFrederick1973 Chevrolet Camaro9.16949.169Sick Week 202360
9ShawnSlaubaughPontiac Trans am9.192259.192RMRW 202330
10RobCourtney1995 Honda Civic9.20839.208Sick Summer 202391
11BrentLeivestad1998 Honda9.2119.211RMRW 202354
12JeffButland1971 Chevrolet Vega GT9.22089.221Hot Rod Drag Week 202330
13JimmyRinehart1972 Chevrolet Nova9.239.230Sick Summer 202343
14BenSchrammXY Falcon9.23459.235Drag Challenge Fall 202327
15JessieHarris1980 Chevrolet C109.2569.256Hot Rod Drag Week 202354
16ScottMiller1968 Mercury Cougar9.25629.256Hot Rod Drag Week 202341
17AndrewSlater1972 Chevrolet Vega GT9.25689.257Hot Rod Drag Week 202327
18VanceCooper2009 Caddy CTS-V9.2629.262Race Week 202327
19ShaneNeumannFord9.2659.265Drag Challenge Spring 202327
20BraydonPokorney9.27759.278RMRW 202327
21NicholasDesimine1983 Ford LTD9.28049.280Sick Week 202334
22DustynCaudle1978 Chevrolet Luv9.29449.294Sick Week 202333
23MattMurphyHolden HQ9.30269.303Drag Challenge Spring 202327
24JonPickering2007 Chevrolet Colorado9.331259.331RMRW 202330
25KennyMcGarry1973 Chevrolet Nova9.348759.349RMRW 202332