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The Top 25 Fastest Drag-N-Drive™ Drivers for 2023 In the 11 Second Category!

This website is updated frequently.
Check back soon for updated stats!
*All stats provided by Mike Narx (instagram @dragdriverepeat)
*In memory of Billy Gebhart

PlaceFirst NameLast NameVehicleEvent AverageEventWorld Champion Points
1CameronThorpe1992 Volvo 74011.012Race Week 202393
2DavidFontaine1987 Chevrolet Monte Carlo11.027Summit Midwest Drags 202359
3ToddStadel68 C-1011.036Race Week 202331
4JesseHazlett2002 Camaro11.041Race Week 202355
5RyanWatts1995 Chevrolet Pickup11.044Summit Midwest Drags 202331
6AndrewGrant1981 Chevrolet Malibu Classic11.049Summit Midwest Drags 202329
7BobMyers14 Chevy Camaro11.053Race Week 202352
8HerbBurden1967 Chevrolet Corvette11.057Summit Midwest Drags 202326
9RayWatts1969 Chevrolet Nova11.063Summit Midwest Drags 202326
10RyanMcFadden1986 chevy montecarlo11.069RMRW 202331
11MichaelTrejo2017 Nissan GTR11.080RMRW 202329
12JesseRichmond2010 Chevrolet Camaro11.080Summit Midwest Drags 202326
13BillyLeach2014 Ford Mustang11.081Race Week 202326
14JosephMarrolli1967 Chevrolet camaro11.088Summit Midwest Drags 202326
15CaseyCole1980 Pontiac Grand Lemans Safari11.091Summit Midwest Drags 202326
16JeffreyBurst1979 Chevy Camaro11.096RMRW 202326
17GregBrown2016 Chevrolet Corvette11.106Summit Midwest Drags 202326
18RobbieBertram57 Chev11.110Drag Challenge Fall 202326
19KevinMays2009 Shelby Gt 50011.113RMRW 202326
20DeanTepen1965 Chevrolet Nova11.118Sick Summer 202352
21SimonCooperHZ Kingswood11.120Drag Challenge Fall 202326
22JeremiahCrook1982 Chevy C1011.123Race Week 202326
23MichaelConforti1987 Chevrolet Monte Carlo LS11.125Summit Midwest Drags 202326
24AndrewFryVG Valiant Hardtop11.128Drag Challenge Fall 202326
25LeeWatkinsPontiac G8 200911.140RMRW 202326