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The Top 10 Fastest Drag-N-Drive Racers for 2023 in the 1/8th Mile 235 Tire Category

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*All stats provided by Mike Narx (instagram @drag_n_drive)
*In memory of Billy Gebhart

PlaceRacer FirstRacer LastCo-Pilot FirstCo-Pilot LastVehicleEvent1/8 or 1/4Class
1JordanTuckDevinVanderhoof1993 Ford Mustang4.644Sick Week 2023660ftRowdy Radials (1/8)
2SheldonRoot1962 Pontiac Acadian4.816Sick Week 2023660ftRowdy Radials (1/8)
3RyanHargettTammyHargett2011 Ford Mustang4.826Street-N-Yeet Fall 2023660ftTiny Tire 235
4TravisMartinAmandaMartin2001 Chevy Camaro5.019Street-N-Yeet Fall 2023660ftTiny Tire 235
5MattMoore1989 Ford Mustang5.089RMRW 2023660ftRowdy Radials (1/8)
6LawrenceAlbright1991 Ford Mustang LX5.116Sick Week 2023660ftRowdy Radials (1/8)
7RandallReedJasonDoisher1993 Ford Mustang5.122Sick Week 2023660ftRowdy Radials (1/8)
8ParkerMitchell1999 Ford Mustang5.136Sick Week 2023660ftRowdy Radials (1/8)
9RobertRobinson1980 Chevrolet Luv Truck5.198Sick Week 2023660ftRowdy Radials (1/8)
10AndyCook2005 Pontiac GTO5.258Sick Summer 2023660ftRowdy Radials (1/8)