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The Top 25 Fastest Drag-N-Drive™ Drivers for 2023 In the 1/8 Mile 275+ Tire Category!

This website is updated frequently.
Check back soon for updated stats!
*All stats provided by Mike Narx (instagram @dragdriverepeat)
*In memory of Billy Gebhart

PlaceRacer FirstRacer LastVehicleEvent AverageEvent
1BryantGoldstone73 AMC Javelin, BB TT4.508Street-N-Yeet Fall 2023
2ShanePropst1967 Chevrolet Nova4.719Redwood Rally 2023
3RyanHargett2011 Mustang Coyote TT4.802Street-N-Yeet Fall 2023
4PatMyker1967 Chevrolet Chevelle4.845Miles of Mayhem 2023
5MichaelWestbergChevrolet Camaro4.924Steet Week Sweden
6JockeCedergrenFord5.013Steet Week Sweden
7JimTrettelPontiac Firebird5.048Street-N-Yeet Fall 2023
8MikaelPetterssonVolvo 1425.078Steet Week Sweden
9NiklasLinrinPontiac Firebird5.092Steet Week Sweden
10JanUdellChevrolet Corvette5.099Steet Week Sweden
11Charlie™stedtVolvo Amazon5.107Steet Week Sweden
12SamuelSteenFord Fairlane -665.111Steet Week Sweden
13HenrikPerssonChevrolet Camaro5.129Steet Week Sweden
14JohanGehrkeCheva -635.150Steet Week Sweden
15DanJackson5.161Miles of Mayhem 2023
16EmilK†bergCheva -575.215Steet Week Sweden
17BradLong2012 Ford Mustang5.229Street-N-Yeet Fall 2023
18TamiBranderChevrolet Camaro5.268Steet Week Sweden
19MarkMannor1970 Chevy Chevelle5.269Street-N-Yeet Fall 2023
20RickardForssbladOldsmobile F855.280Steet Week Sweden
21StevenWillingham1986 Buick GN 408 LS Turbo5.306Street-N-Yeet Fall 2023
22JORDINEJACOBS5.308Street-N-Yeet Fall 2023
23KyleWilliams5.373Miles of Mayhem 2023
24J”rgenAnderssonKaputten5.374Steet Week Sweden
25HenrikLudvigssonFord 32 5W Kup‚5.397Steet Week Sweden