Drag and Drive 2023 event List


Drag and Drive event 2023 List Dates and Links

  1. Sick Week 2023 – Orlando, FL Feb 12-17 – Sold Out
  2. Southeast Street-N-Yeet – Shady Side, NC – April 4-8 – FEW SPOTS LEFT!
  3. The Circuit – Joplin, MO – April 14-16 – Sold Out
  4. Cruise and Lose – Central NE – April 21-22 – Sold Out
  5. Carolina Drag Cruise – Greer, SC – May 10-14 – Registration Open
  6. King of the Open Road – Oklahoma City, OK – May 27-28
  7. Sick Summer 2023 – Byron, IL – June 5-9 – Sold Out
  8. BC Drag It Challenge – June 15-19 – Registration Open
  9. Rocky Mountain Race Week 2023 – Great Bend, KS – June 24-30 – Sold Out
  10. Summit Racing Midwest Drags – VMP – July 10-14 – Reg Open
  11. Central Illinois Street Car Shootout and Drag-N-Drive – Havana, IL – July 14-15 **NEW**
  12. Centerville Dragway event – Centerville, AR – July 15
  13. Miles of Mayhem – Edmonton, AB – July 23-28 – Sold Out
  14. Nostalgia Nights – Bunker Hill, IN – August 17-19 – Reg Coming Soon
  15. Hot Rod Drag Week 2023 – ?? – Mid/Late sept
  16. One Guy’s Garage Drag Weekend – Sept 22-24
  17. King of the Open Road – Tucson, AZ – Sept…
  18. Redwood Rally – Redding, CA – Sept 26-30 – Sold Out
  19. Race Week – Pueblo, CO – Sept 30-Oct6 
  20. Carolina Drag Cruise – NC – Early-Oct
  21. Death Week – Las Vegas, NV – Nov 5-10 (most likely the week after SEMA)
  22. Southeast Street-N-Yeet – Fall – NC – November 
  23. King of the Open Road – Oklahoma City, OK – November 11-12


The Drag-N-Drive community is exploding!! The coming year will be the largest count of races and participants in HISTORY!!

For all the new racers interested in these events, let’s talk about it…

A drag and drive event is a modern day Two Lane Blacktop. These events have racers leave their truck and car trailer at the track while driving their racecar between tracks, carrying all parts/supplies they will need for racing and repairs! The racers are required to make at least one pass at each of the tracks during the event. The average of those passes are used for their overall place within the event. Like many drag race events, there are multiple classes to fit almost every build. We track only events with a race, drive, race format. Meaning, the racer must make an all-out pass on day one then drive their car to the next track and do the same. Some events are as short as two days, while others are up to seven. 

This is for true car builders, guys and girls that aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty, eat gas station food and sleep 3 hours a night for fun!!


The growth of these events has been explosive the last three years. For 2019, only 4 events were hosted. For 2023, we already have 18 events on the schedule and are seeing the spread into new markets, like Northern California. Participant growth has exponentially grown as well, seeing just 682 in 2019, to more than 1800 in 2022. Adding the additional events for 2023, we expect more than 2600 entries next year.


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