Drag and Drive News 12/17/2022

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In this episode we’ll recap some of the Built for Drag-N-Drive cars.

We’ll go over the Racer Survey for the 2022 season.

Then, dive into a quick map of the 2023 Events already on my list.

And finally, a run through of motivational posters created from drag-n-drive racer comments.

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Built for Drag and Drive brought to you by our friends at Sweet Patina – This segment focuses on vehicles that were built with a drag-n-drive mentality. Overdrive Transmissions, Cup Holders and Reliability are the name of the game here!!

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The following video is a recap of cars we have featured this year.


For 2023, we have big plans for Built for Drag-N-Drive with visits to these builders, ride-alongs in these cars at events, and much more!

Last chance for that awesome Christmas Gift from Sweet Patina – use code DND57 – They are shipping orders all weekend and Monday but after that you are out of luck for 2022!


We asked drag-n-drive fans to answer a few questions about their 2022 season. Here are a few things that stuck out to me from the responses!

TH400 is #1 transmission of choice for 30% of the builds.

71% of cars have Cupholders, 9% said It will for 2023, What do you 20% of folks do without a Cup Holder????

Only ONE person they were not planning to attend a drag-n-drive event in 2023!! We’ll discuss the event list in a few minutes…

32% travelled more than 1000 miles to the start point of an event. For the promoters, expand your reach because people will travel for the right event. The next most popular reply was 150-300 miles.

25% of respondents said 2022 was their first year to compete in a drag-n-drive event.

64% pull a trailer, 34% Yard Sale, 10% use a basket (some people participated in more than one event in 2022)

94% stayed in a hotel/motel, 12% camped and 8% stayed in a RV


Event list for 2023

  1. Sick Week – Orlando, FL Feb 12-17
  2. Southeast Street-N-Yeet – Shady Side, NC – April 4-8
  3. The Circuit – Joplin, MO – April 14-16
  4. Cruise and Lose – Central NE – April 21-22
  5. Carolina Drag Cruise – Greer, SC – May 10-14
  6. King of the Open Road – May
  7. Sick Summer – Byron, IL – June 5-9
  8. BC Drag It Challenge – June 15-19
  9. Rocky Mountain Race Week – Great Bend, KS – June 24-30
  10. Summit Midwest Drags – VMP – July 10-14
  11. Nostalgia Nights – Bunker Hill, IN – August 17-19
  12. Hot Rod Drag Week – ?? – Mid/Late sept
  13. Redwood Rally – Redding, CA – Sept 26-30
  14. Race Week – Pueblo, CO – Sept 30-Oct6
  15. Carolina Drag Cruise – NC – Early-Oct
  16. Death Week – Las Vegas, NV – Nov 5-10 (week after SEMA?)
  17. Southeast Street-N-Yeet – Fall – NC – November
  18. King of the Open Road – Nov


The Circuit First Broke Award – Repayment of Entry fee and Free Entry into the following KOTOR event. Provides money for parts and a chance at redemption.

Travis Wise made these cups for giveaway at The Circuit as well!

Drag-N-News Entertainment – This is the time for fun and stories from the community.

Curt Saunders posted in the Drag-N-Drive Addiction fb group asking “how many people do these drag and drive events strictly for fun and don’t get too serious?” There were more than 100 comments! So I grabbed a bunch of them and made motivational posters out of them…