The Circuit Drag and Drive now has a website!

The Circuit Drag and Drive
In it’s fourth year, The Circuit drag and drive event has a stand-alone website. In the past, we have relied solely on the reach of social media sites like Facebook, Instagram and Youtube. Michael, and the team, expect 2023 to be their largest drag and drive event to date!
Why a stand-alone website?
“As the event grows, we wanted to provide potential participants one location they could go for information like class rules, schedules and to register. In the past, enthusiasts would have to find the event on Facebook; search through the Discussion posts; and hopefully not get distracted by the daily posts of racers that are coming or the questions being asked by racers just to find their answer. thecircuitdnd.com gives them the quick and easy way to find and share information about the event.” – Mike Narx
More about The Circuit
Drag and Drive 2023 tests your #StreetCar as you will drive your race vehicle to a different drag strip each day, race at each track, and the racer who collects the best average ET and survives the road, wins their class and eternal glory!
You are not allowed to tow your race vehicle from track to track. You must carry anything you will need for the weekend in or on your race vehicle or pull a trailer with your race vehicle. We are not having any size restrictions on the trailer you want to pull.
You are not required to stay at the host hotel, or follow the route, but you must stop at the assigned checkpoints. A picture must be taken with you and your vehicle at all checkpoints prior to the end of the event, creative pictures will be worth more points!!
Rules will be enforced and subject to change so check back to the event often!!
We will have a custom trophy, made by the children of the NWA Children’s Shelter, for each class winner/runner-up.
The class winner will be the racer with the best E.T. Average from Friday night AND Sunday racing AND picture proof of their driven car at the checkpoint.

Event entry of $225 includes 2 event shirts, one event decal kit, 2 days of entry fee for Mokan Dragway for both driver and one passenger, and one tech card.
A portion of the proceeds from the Drag and Drive 2023 event will be donated directly to the NWA Children’s Shelter! nwacs.org

Friday, April 14, 2023
9:00am – Gates open at Mo-Kan Dragway.
Tech is open from 10am until 7pm. Open Track from 11 to 11pm.
Host Hotel for Pittsburg – Lamplighter Inn – 620-231-8700 **Mention The Circuit – Drag and Drive for discounted rate of $70/night** (Thursday and Friday night rate)

Saturday, April 15, 2023
200+ mile route with route stops, one being the NWA Children’s Shelter! Final stop for Saturday is the Davis Plumbing Cruise Night in NW Arkansas.4-8pm Cars from the region will gather to see the racer vehicles and enjoy a night of laid back fun!
Food truck on site for dinner – “For the Love”
Trophies for Crowd Favorite, Hard Luck Award, and more

Sunday, April 10, 2022
Awards at 5:00pm
We are not regulating the vehicles your family or friends may be following along with. We welcome and encourage you to bring them to this event. If your race vehicle must go onto a trailer or be towed in any manner at any time, you will be disqualified. It must run 100% of the time under its own power. Exception: pushing by hand is accepted if you run out of gas.

The Circuit 2023 Classes and Rules
Racers will be able to change classes on Friday night ONLY and must do so, in person, before 7pm.
2 time slips from each day required. Turn in time slips to The Circuit registration table EACH DAY!
Champion and Runner-Up Trophies for Each Class (You VS You Awards 1-2-3)
Quarter Mile Classes listed below
**Street Race Power Adder – 11.5” measured tire tread width max, 8.50 Cap, Big Block or Small Block – Same as HRDW
**All Motor Small Block– engine displacement must be 430 ci and below, and the engine may not be a Mopar 426-based Hemi, a Chrysler early Hemi, a big-block Mopar, a big-block Chevy, a big-block Ford, or an FE Ford. – Same as HRDW except Open to any size slick or drag radial.
** All Motor Big Block – engine displacement must be 431 ci and above. All Mopar 426-based Hemis, Chrysler early Hemis, big-block Mopars, big-block Chevys, big-block Fords, and FE Fords will run in Big-Block classes regardless of displacement. Same as HRDW except Open to any size slick or drag radial.
**Gasser/Hot Rod NA – Vehicles pre1969 – Combination of Gasser/Hot Rod class rules – details coming
**Gasser/Hot Rod PA – Vehicles Pre-1969 – Combination of Gasser/Hot Rod class rules – details coming
**Stick Shift – Must use manual H-Pattern transmission, Shifts must be made by the driver with a mechanical lever, no air shifters allowed. Clutch must be activated by a pedal by the driver. Lenco-type planetary transmissions prohibited.
**True Radial 250+ treadwear (Class will run last each day)
You VS You – **10.000+ ET – Think Bracket Racing meets Index Racing!! We are looking for the MOST Consistent Racers!! Set your personal dial-in, run as close to dial as possible, closest racer wins. In the event of a tie, Average Reaction Time across all four passes will determine winner. Racer CAN NOT turn in pass faster than Dial-In. Ex: Racer sets dial-in at 10.86 – 4 passes are 10.916/10.873/10.995/10.901 – Their ET average is 10.921 equaling a difference of 0.061
**Motorcycle – Traditional motorcycle or trike with single front wheel. Slingshot type vehicles will race in appropriate vehicle classes.
Eighth Mile Classes
– 235/60-15 (26×8.5 Slick) or smaller tire
**275 – 275/60-15 drag radial (29×10.5 slick (M/T ET Street R 28×11.5 Bias also accepted)) or smaller tire for this class -Any size 17” or larger rim is allowed
**Unlimited – You got it, run it. Must be legal to operate on the roadways and complete the trip with no assistance. – Same as HRDW but 1/8 mile
*All entries must have current and legal vehicle registration and insurance with paperwork that matches the VIN and license plate on the car.
*No rental cars allowed.
*Vehicles in competition must have functional headlights, taillights, brake lights, turn signals, HORN, and a rearview mirror. Trailer must have safety chains and working brake lights.
*Equipment rules apply to both the street and track portions of the event.
*All tire rules apply only on the drag strip and not for the street drive.
*All vehicles must meet NHRA safety rules for the e.t. and speed they are capable of, and drivers must be IHRA or NHRA licensed if required. Drag Week officials will not accept time slips that are quicker or faster than the car or driver’s tech’d legal e.t. and mph. Running quicker than the safety equipment or driver’s race license allows is cause for disqualification at the discretion of the race director.
*One long-block is to be used for the entire competition, barring the need for impromptu repairs.
*”Beam Break” is allowed and will result in a 20 Second ET.
*In Naturally Aspirated classes, the engine may not use power adders of any kind.
*In Power Adder classes, the engine must use a supercharger, turbocharger, nitrous oxide, or some combination thereof.
*In Small-Block classes, engine displacement must be 430 ci and below, and the engine may not be a Mopar 426-based Hemi, a Chrysler early Hemi, a big-block Mopar, a big-block Chevy, a big-block Ford, or an FE Ford.
*In Big-Block classes, engine displacement must be 431 ci and above. All Mopar 426-based Hemis, Chrysler early Hemis, big-block Mopars, big-block Chevys, big-block Fords, and FE Fords will run in Big-Block classes regardless of displacement.
*It’s the responsibility of the racer to know and comply with the rules; passing tech inspection does not constitute a right to remain in competition if rules violations are discovered later.
*Vehicles must compete in the lowest class for which they are eligible.
*Vehicles with rule variations may be classified at the race director’s discretion.
*Entries that are disqualified from competition are not eligible for a refund of registration fees.
*The Circuit uses a .500 Tree for all classes. Any time past 2 Seconds Reaction Time will be added to your ET.
*Trailer rule: Single axle…

•Vehicles in competition may not be led or followed at any distance by support vehicles of any kind. A support vehicle is one used to supply, or with the intent of supplying, any rescue efforts or to carry anything for a competitor, including luggage, tools, fuel, repair parts or spares, and helpers or crew.
•All vehicles must be driven under their own power during the entire competition and may not be towed, trailered, pushed, or hauled at any time. The exception is in the event of an emergency in which a vehicle needs to be removed from the roadway or other dangerous situation, in which case assistance may be used to move the car a short distance to a safe area, for example, to the next highway exit.
•Violation of the support-vehicle and crew rules is cause for immediate disqualification at the race director’s discretion.

Current Schedule:
Friday: 9am: Gates Open for unload and tech
11am: Track goes hot
Race at Mokan, stay in Pittsburg, KS after making passes.
Saturday AM: Leave hotel destined for 3 Route Stops in KS, Ok and AR – Spotlight Checkpoint is Northwest Arkansas Children’s Shelter!
Saturday 4-8pm: Davis Plumbing Cruise Night – Dinner provided to race participants by Davis Plumbing. For The Love food truck in attendance
Sunday AM early: Head to Mokan for Racing and Awards!
11am: Track goes hot.
4pm: Last Pass
5pm: NWA Children’s Shelter Awards Ceremony – Class Winners, Specialty Trophies made by the kids at the Shelter, Closing Cremonies
7pm: You don’t have to go home, but you can’t stay here…