Drag and Drive News 10-27-2022 – Fastest Ford Powered Vehicle!!

Drag and Drive News 10-27-2022 – Fastest Ford Powered vehicle in drag and drive history! And Terry McMillen is hosting a new Regional 1/8 Mile Drag and Drive event for 2023!!


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This Week, for our Built for Drag and Drive Segment, we talk to Ryan Hargett, owner of the Fastest Ford Powered car in Drag and Drive History!

Then we talk to Terry McMillen, 3 Time Top Fuel Champion and new track owner of Bunker Hill Dragstrip, about the newest event to the 2023 drag and drive calendar – Terry McMillen’s Nostalgia Nights.

After that we’ll jump into other events and Project Management as well!

Project Management – How do you plan for your build for an event? Do you use a piece of scrap cardboard, a white board, the hood of your car or just in your head…..? Take the next few days and make a real checklist with a goal event you want to attend and then make a plan to get there. Matt Happel of Sloppy Mechanics always recommends an hour a day…..



King of the Open Road – Nov 11-13 – ¼ mile – Test n Tune Friday night, Drive and Qualifying Saturday, Eliminations style racing on Sunday – Oklahoma City

Southeast Street N Yeet – Nov 10-13 – 1/8 mile – traditional Drag and Drive – No times released to the public until the last day! This could add some real complexity for the racers. ETs will be posted on the boards….

Sick Week 2023 – Feb 12-17 – 3.5 months – Adding Rowdy Radial 235 1/8 mile class – Tom said there will not be any “day of” registrations. So make sure you jump on the waitlist.

The Circuit – April 14-16 – 5.5 months – 1/8 and ¼ mile classes dropped today. Rules and more coming soon. Registration in December.