Drag and Drive News – Race Week, Hot Rod Drag Week and New 1/8 Mile Racers

Drag and Drive News 8/27
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Sick Week stated the Fastest 100 passes will be allowed early entry. #100 is a 9.300!!
Is 2023 going to be the first year to cross $1mill in drag and drive entry registration? For 2022, has had AT LEAST $834,400 paid in entry fees.
Major events $500 x 1375 = $687,500
Regional events – $146,900
Riding with Alex Taylor YT has crossed 100k subscribers!
1/8 mile list update and close races – 22 MoM racers on Top 50 List
Fastest 5 New Comers –
#7 -Colin Gee – Overall Winner – 5.7301 avg
#8 – Tony Bueckert – 1953 Chevrolet Bel-Air – 5.7750 avg
#13 – Matt Blasco – Dodge Dart – twin turbo – 5.9886
#14 – Darren Kornelson – Squarebody C10 truck – 5.9981
#15 – Layne Ollenberg – Ford Fing Ranger – 6.0135
New Gatekeeper – Wesley Owens – 2013 Camaro – 6.9795 Avg ET
Event Updates
Day Count – Race Week – Sept 4-9 – 8 days – 250 cars
HRDW – Sept 18-23 – 22 days – 400 cars
One Guys Garage – Sept 23-25 – 27 days – 50 cars
Carolina Drag Cruise Fall – Oct 6-10 – 40 days – 64 cars
SouthEast Street-N-Yeet – Nov 10-13 – 75 days – 100 cars
KOTOR Fall Nov 11-13 – 76 days – 200 cars
1064 cars to race before the end of the year!!
Sick Week Feb 13-17 – 170 days – 300 cars
Drag Week
8 six second cars for drag week – Bailey, Schroeder Ens, Gustaffson, Magnus Frost, Alex Taylor, Borggren, Cleetus, Michael Westberg
Sick Week 2023
Rowdy Radial Class matching RMRW format – 1/8 Mile, 235 tire
Super Street Class has been added for 275 Radial guys that are faster than 8.50
Virtual Tech for 2023 to speed up registration/tech
GearVendors and Motion Raceworks have signed up for sponsorship
Total Venue Conecpts, Kurt Johnson, will be handling Track Prep

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Redhat – the Rickety Nightmare has finally started! This car is Plan B while the Rickety Rocket gets a stronger cage to take it into the 9s. The Rickety Nightmare is a car Redhat purchased a few years ago as a “future build”. When the Rocket wasn’t going to be done in time, they pulled the car out and through in a spare 5.3 (that had been n the corner for 2+ years), TH400 and a 8.8 from another car. The car is NA for now but the guys are bringing a nitrous setup because that’s why not?
Brady Bluma – went to the track last weekend to make passes, stayed for 4 hours and ended up going to Taco Bell after having an o2 sensor crap out and another racer end up on his roof… He ended up back at the track on Wednesday night and made a solid hit, out of the gate going 11.40 on 15 lbs and said he’s pulling the bitch mittens off for Race Week and turning it up. He said they have fixed a few things while they were working on the truck so it should be faster for 2022. He said the first night at the track they were asked “Is that the truck from Norwich?” EIGHT times! He won the Hot Rod class for 2021 and sounds like he intends to do it again for 2022.
Eric Wilson – ’54 International his great-grandfather purchased new! Now the truck rides on a 4wd ’00 Siverado frame. Turbo LS. The truck has had a best average of 12.0986 at RMRW 2021, the truck has been 11.70s. He daily drives this truck. His best average so far has been 12.0986 from RMRW 2021. Has attended every RM event. My favorite story of Eric’s is the rod/piston change on the side of the road in Oklahoma on Race Week 2021. Rich Guido, Bill Armstrong and many others helped get it swapped in a little over three hours! He HAD to get the truck repaired because he had driven it from Colorado to compete in the event, by himself! For Race Week 2022, Eric said he is most likely bringing his Cadillac STS-V.

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If you are new to Drag and Drive events, think of it like Two Lane Blacktop (you know, the old movie with the horrible ending). The participants of these events will drive their car from track to track, on public roads/highways, allowed only to use the parts/tools they bring with them in the car or in a trailer towed by the racecar.