Miles of Mayhem 2022 Slowest Participant to FINISH!

The slowest car to finish Miles of Mayhem was Jacob Bueckert’s completely stock 1983 Ford Fairmont four door. His average for the week was 13.6197! The car shouldn’t be slow for Miles of Mayhem 2023 as he is already working on an engine swap!

“My inline 6 is getting worse”

“The 6-cylinder started smoking on Day 3 of MOM, and I had already been planning a swap so I have a harness I made for it, and a lot of the swap stuff already.” He posted the following from the event, “Miles of Mayhem Day 4: Pretty problem free! My inline 6 is getting worse and worse as the trip goes on. It’s smoking pretty bad, and seems to be down on power a little bit with the mph on the time slips. But we made it to Medicine Hat! All I have to do today is make one pass down the track and I will have finished the event! Then we got a week to throw an LS in this pig”

“I have 5 evenings to LS swap this thing”

After completing the event, with a 13.6197 average, he headed to the house to get supplies. Another Facebook post: “I have 5 evenings to LS swap this thing at the Bible camp I’m working at.. Driving there with everything I hope I need in the trailer, and will hopefully be driving back on Friday with the old engine/trans/k member/etc in that same trailer. Let’s get at it!”

Once I saw the second post I had to reach out to know his build plan. Anyone that is planning to compete in a drag and drive, then swap a complete drivetrain, has got to be one of the toughest dudes out there!!

“The usual….”

Jacob replied, “It’s a rec port 6.0 with a SS2 cam (Sloppy Stage 2), tbss intake, the usual. 4L80e, 8.8. I have 3 more evenings to get it done before I have to drive to school in Saskatchewan with it. Pulled an all-nighter last night getting the motor out, and putting all the new suspension and stuff in.”

We’ll keep in touch with Jacob to follow the progress, and update this write-up. Stay tuned for more!

Jacob Bueckert’s Drag and Drive History

Miles of Mayhem 2021 – Chevrolet truck – 9.496 avg

Miles of Mayhem 2022 – 1983 Ford Fairmont – 13.6197 avg