Jim Greenleaf – Summit Racing Motorsports & Events Manager

Jim Greenleaf is the Motorsports & Events Manager for @Summit Racing . Jim works to provide on-site Summit Racing personnel for A LOT of automotive events.
Him and Tommy Dupree have worked two National Level Drag and Drive events, Sick Week and Midwest Drags. But for Hot Rod Drag Week, they are competitors in Tommy’s Firebird.
We discuss the Summit Racing racer support truck and how they choose the parts to bring to each event.
What do you think the future holds for drag and drive? Jim believes the offering of regional events, 2-3 day events, will bring more people into the community.

Drag-N-Drive.com is dedicated to the Drag and Drive lifestyle culture! We will visit with participants of events like Summit Racing Midwest Drags, Hot Rod Drag Week, Rocky Mountain Race Week 1.0 and 2.0, Sick Week, and many of the other events that are beginning to happen!
If you are new to Drag and Drive events, think of it like Two Lane Blacktop (you know, the old movie with the horrible ending). The participants of these events will drive their car from track to track, on public roads/highways, allowed only to use the parts/tools they bring with them in the car or in a trailer towed by the racecar. You must be self sufficient to compete in this type of endurance drag racing! There are no trucks with trailers that are following you to pick you up when you break.