Miles of Mayhem 2022 Class Winners, Slowest and Fastest Racers

Miles of Mayhem Drag and Drive Results

Miles Of Mayhem Drag and Drive is a five-day competition where street legal drag race cars run 1/8 mile time trials every day at four different tracks, traveling over 1700km on public roads between each track unassisted by support vehicles. This is the ultimate test of street/strip cars and drivers. Trophies and cash prizes in multiple classes for vehicles with various levels of modifications. The car with the lowest average elapsed time over the week of racing is named Miles of Mayhem’s fastest streetcar in Canada!

For year two of Canada’s ONLY drag and drive event, the team at Miles of Mayhem increased the overall participant count from 100 in 2021, to 160 registered racers for 2022! The cars participating this year were a mix of daily drivers and race cars with headlight/taillights and a slew of 7.5 Second Index cars. In total, only 114 cars started the event, some due to breakage while testing the day before and other just failing to show up. The lesson there, if you are ready and your car is right, get to the track, just show up for tech. You may get in, you may not, you’ll end up with a great story no matter the outcome.

The slowest car of the group, to finish, was Jacob Bueckert in his completely stock 1983 Ford Fairmont four door. His average for the week was 13.384, BUT HE FINISHED! The car is now receiving a LS swap will be back next year with a completely different goal in mind. Jacob is completing the swap right now, saying, “The 6-cylinder started smoking on Day 3 of MOM, and I had already been planning a swap so I have a harness I made for it, and a lot of the swap stuff already. It’s a rec port 6.0 with a SS2 cam, tbss intake, the usual. 4L80e, 8.8. I have 3 more evenings to get it done before I have to drive to school in Saskatchewan with it. Pulled an all-nighter last night getting the motor out, and putting all the new suspension and stuff in.”
The Fastest Average ET of the week goes to Colin Gee in his G-body Malibu Wagon, running in the 5s each day! Colin’s final average was 5.7301. Only four drivers were able to manage five second passes each day of the competition. Colin secured the Overall Win on Day 5 when Dan Jackson sadly did not make it back to Medicine Hat with a running car.

The Fastest Pass of the event goes to Matt Blasco in his Dodge Dart. Matt’s 4.97 pass on final day was also the first 4 second pass in Canadian drag and drive competition! Only the second time anyone for a US/Canada (North American) 1/8 Mile event to submit a 4 second ET. Matt finished the event in 5th place with a 5.9886 average. Considering his first day’s submission was a 7.234, he really made up some ground!!

Below is the list of Class winners, with their winning average.
Class Name Avg ET
7.5 Index -Tom Taylor- 7.6054
Bracket Class- Norm Johnston- 0.0873 above his 7.900 Dial In
Man Pedal (Stick Shift)- Kolby Bouck- 6.3536
Modern Muscle- Ashton Karas- 6.4501
Outlaw- Matt Blasco- 5.9886
ProStreet- Jon Schmidt- 5.928
Small Tire- Colin Gee- 5.7301
Truck/SUV- Darren Kornelson- 5.9981