David Siddon built his Gasser ’49 Plymouth specifically for Miles of Mayhem Drag and Drive

David Siddon – Miles of Mayhem – 49 Plymouth Gasser, that he has built over the last 3 years, with son Ryan flying in from Ontario to Co-pilot. Three years ago David found the 49 in a field, saying “Someone had started hot rodding it 30 or 40 years ago, then lost interest and parked it outside. They had cut the floors out, frenched the taillights and radio antenna and put in a flat firewall.” Once he had the car, he grabbed a 52 GMC front axle and fabbed a new crossmember and converted to cross steer. Car has a narrowed Dana 60 with a spool and 35 spline axles with home-made ladder bars, all done by David. Powertrain is a 440 Mopar and 727 from a 12 second 55 Dodge he built in the 80s with his dad. He said “I built the 727 at home with a trans brake, billet drum, 5 pin planetary and lots of other good parts. I purchased a used set of hooker big block super comp fenderwell headers and modified them to fit the car. The forward body mounts had to be moved inboard to make room.” He expects a low 12 second quarter mile out of the setup.