24 mpg, 7.98 @ 173 mph, Modern Muscle Car Factory’s 86 Camaro

,“24mpg highway and has been 7.98@173mph on 23lbs of boost…”- Scott Klepinger

Scott and Heather Klepinger own and operate Modern Muscle Car Factory in Elkhart, IN, where the 1986 Camaro was originally built.

He tells me that the car was originally built in 1998 to run a Buick V6. He adds that the customer’s setup “was going 10.90’s with a Buick V6 and 200r4 trans back then.. customer put the engine and transmission in his GN… let the chassis sit.. my wife purchased it as a rolling chassis in, I think, 2004… I put my own Buick V6 in it and raced/drove it in Hot Rod Drag Week 2009… I won Quickest 6 for having the fastest 6cyl, the car ran 10.6s back then”. Finishing HRDW 2009 with a Third Place finish in Modified Power Adder and an average of 10.8358. His best pass that week was 10.594 at Norwalk, OH.

Scott says he “put a single turbo LS in it 9yrs ago with a 4l80e and 3:25 rear gear/spool/40 spline axles. [The engine] went 7yrs without a refresh, gets 24mpg highway and has been 7.98@173mph on 23lbs of boost… it’s quiet and sounds like a Jet at the track lol. I drive it daily in the summer.” He doesn’t give any hints to the cars power level so you can make your own guesses… My guess is that it makes A LOT….

He said his only “challenges are keeping the 4l80 alive…”

His goal is to complete Midwest Drags 2022 with a 7 second ET average! His completed Sick Week 2022 with an 8.03. During Sick Week, Scott turned in only two seven second passes. Gainesville and SGMP timeslips were both 7.983! Scott’s slowest pass submitted was an 8.129, if that had been an 8.089, he’d have had his 7 Second Average! He’ll need that type of consistency for Midwest Drags!

His son Chris will ride as the co-pilot, adding to the group of father/son teams that participate in drag and drive events!

Shoutouts to these companies: BeCool, Billy Briggs Racing engines, Rossler transmission, ProTorque converters, Trick Chassis WI, Holley EFI


Scott’ Drag and Drive History

Hot Rod Drag Week 2009 – 1986 Camaro – 10.8358 – Modified PA 3rd

Hot Rod Drag Week 2013 – 1988 Mustang – 10.9362

Hot Rod Drag Week 2014 – 1986 Camaro – 9.2718

Hot Rod Drag Week 2015 – 1986 Camaro – DNF

Hot Rod Drag Week 2016 – 1986 Camaro – 8.6388

Hot Rod Drag Week 2017 – 1986 Camaro – 8.3446 – SSSBPA 3rd

Midwest Drags 2019 – 1986 Camaro – 7.406 (One track was 1/8 Mile) – SS275 2nd

Midwest Drags 2021 – 1986 Camaro – 8.179 – SSSBPA 3rd

Sick Week 2022 – 1986 Camaro – 8.033

Midwest Drags 2022 – 1986 Camaro – 8.108 – SSSBPA 3rd

Photos provided by Midwest Motorsports Media

Article and Historical Data by Michael Narx