Father/Son, Coyote/Terminator, Drag and Drive Newbies

Father/Son, Coyote/Terminator, Drag and Drive Newbies

Drag and Drive events are a great way for fathers and sons to enjoy their car hobby together! As adults, we struggle to find time to hold the flashlight for our dads. But, for the days of the events, nothing else is in the way of building those great memories. But, what if you and dad are competitors???

Shane and Kaleb Galloway will begin their first drag and drive event today with Carolina Drag Cruise. Both guys driving Foxbody Mustangs that are Ford powered! Shane, the dad, has a Procharged Coyote with a manual trans. Kaleb runs a Terminator with a VMP Supercharger and manual trans. Kaleb’s reply to who is faster, “on paper I have about 20 more hp than him so I guess we’ll see lol”. But it also the first event for Kaleb to run the new boost setup.

Who do you think wins???

Shane’s goal for the 1/8 mile event is high sixes. He built the 91 GT six years ago, installing a cage and minitubs to tuck the 275s nice and tight. The Procharged Coyote and T56 Magnum will certainly be quick, but quick enough to outrun his son?

Kaleb’s 86 notchback was built by him and Shane about 5 years ago. Kaleb said “My goal is to just have fun and see my cars full potential”. And I’m sure a small part wants to beat dad in front of all the friends and family they will have in attendance.

Both guys are entered in Stick Shift and we look forward to the race stories, if they end up next to each other. This is a competition we will be watching very closely!