6 Year Break, 6 Second Return! Rick Prospero’s RX-7

“You guys are dead meat. We’re coming out swinging next season.” – Rick Prospero to his haters…

Rick built the RX-7 to be a street-car, to compete in events like TX2K, FL2K and Street Car Takeover. And still be able to get ice cream on a Friday night.

Rick is #3 on the Billy Gebhart All Time Hot Rod Drag Week Modified Power Adder list with an engine combo that is almost nine years old!! His 7.7196 average ET has held the number three spot since the 2016 Hot Rod Drag Week!

With Sick Week in their backyard, Rick and his son had to attend! This was Rick’s first drag and drive since his 2016 outing. They came to shut up some of the haters that have said the car isn’t “street” anymore. And to give the engine one last event before a “Major Induction Change”. Hey haters, the car averaged a 6.887 and drove 800+ miles…. That is fast enough to land Rick in Second Place on the 2022 Fastest 100 Drag and Drive list!

Since 2016, Rick has changed the car to a 3speed Kohn TH400 with a 1.51 first gear. But everything else has essentially stayed the same since 2009. The iron block, 540ci Big Bloc Chevy has ran the same spec 750 lift cam with hydraulic lifters and roller rockers. A Holley Dominator controls the car with Rick’s son doing 75% of the tuning.

The Major Induction Change is going to make the car even faster! A larger 850ish lift cam, New RFD heads which flow 100cfm more, and dual injectors should move this car into the mid sixes! Rick said he is keeping the current turbos and is only having them freshened up.

Good luck to anyone out there lining up against Rick with the new setup, he is “coming out swinging.”

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