1400 mile, last minute road trip for Brandon’s “Plan B” car!

Plan B cars are a staple of Drag and Drive! With most people resorting to a daily driver or a rental car….

Plan B Car

For Brandon Hyde, and his co-pilot Austin Matthias, even getting their Plan B car was a road trip! Two days before Sick Week, they made a 1400 mile round trip to pick-up the Mustang GT in Wisconsin. After returning from the trip to pick up the Mustang, they headed another 1400 miles south from Cedar Rapids, IA! He says the car is pretty stock and a manual transmission, and most likely won’t get any upgrades. For now, he’ll just daily drive it and keep wrenching on the Plan A car. The car made it through the week and finished with an average of 14.213, to put them in Second place for the Top 25 14 Second ET range.

Plan A Car

Brandon’s “Plan A” car is a 1986 Toyota Supra with a big single turbo 2JZ backed by a TH400 and 8.8. The roll cage is certified as a 25.3 and is good to 6.50s in the ¼ mile, pretty good for their first attempt! His goal is to go 7s by the end of summer.

Sick Week was Brandon’s first drag and drive event, and now he says he wants to attend them all, lol! The real question is, will he make an appearance for 2022 or will it be 2023 before he attends another event???