Brady Bluma’s Lucky Sock 66 C10 – Rusty Pile to 10 second truck!


First gen C10s are my favorite trucks for two reasons. My first truck as a 1966 GMC my grandfather purchased in ’67, that I still own. And secondly, a hometown racer named Kerry Williams. Kerry’s truck was flat black, loud and fast. And, to a high school car enthusiast, it was awesome! Brady’s truck immediately peaked my interest!! Then I eased around the front, and it had a twin-turbo LS under the hood! Shew buddy, my mouth watered!

Brady and I talked throughout the week and the truck just kept getting cooler!! Here is some history, of the truck, and the plans for Race Week 2022!

Brady said this, when asked “Why did you build it”? – “I originally planned to just have a turbo LS to cruise and play with. Went down one hell of a rabbit hole when building it and ended up with one hell of a street truck, haha. To me that’s what is important, keeping it street legal, daily it to work, and just enjoy the hell outta it.” And to say it’s a “hell of a street truck” is an understatement, the truck averaged a 10.8528 at the five tracks on Race Week, while also driving 1200+ miles!

The truck was purchased, as a rusty pile of sh*t, in Stillwater in Feb of 2017 while in college. Fast forward, the truck is LS swapped with a stock bottom end L33 5.3, Twin 65mm Turbonetics turbos, all controlled by a Holley Terminator X, FTI TH400 and torque converter with a 12 bolt out back.  “Aside from just a couple little things, we built this entire truck in our home garage with friends and family. It’s my first build ever, first time racing, first time tuning, Hell 2.0 was my first event ever that wasn’t a test & tune. I’ve learned everything from this truck, and still have a lot more to learn.” Then he goes out a wins the Hot Rod class!!

Following up such a successful event in 2021, his main goal for 2022 is to finish with a nine second average. He said “Even if its 9.99, I’m happy. And take 3rd or better for a badass trophy.”

Sometimes, Wrigley kicks the wife out and hops in for rides to ice cream. “Wrigley”, their 2yr old Saint Bernard, “enjoys riding in the truck and will go anywhere with me in it!” Obviously, Brady’s a Cubs fan, but we won’t hold that against him.

Now for the part that made me laugh out loud when we spoke at Race Week. “Lucky Sock came about one day, I was sitting at Sonic with my wife and mother in law. I had seen some stuff about the no prep car “Rusty Hook” and found the name amusing. I ended up just going through Urban dictionary looking for something funny to name the truck, and found Lucky Sock! With the initials of Lucky Sock being LS, I kept telling the wife it was a sign to LS swap it and throw some turbos on it! I love it, the reactions, looks, and everything you get from people is so funny and great, especially when they have to ask what it means lol” – Probably not a recommended search on your work computer….lol

You can follow Brady on Instagram at @luckysock66, but he’s going to need to post a little more often.

Oh, and because I know you are curious, Brady’s 10.8528, puts him at number 271 in the 2021 Drag and Drive Event List. The 2021 and 2022 Fastest 100 and Top 25 Lists are available now!