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2021’s List of Racers who can say “I Survived a Drag and Drive” Event!

Racers Must have completed a Drag and Drive event.
Check back soon for updated stats!
*All stats provided by Mike Narx (instagram @drag_n_drive)
*In memory of Billy Gebhart

PlaceEventFirst NameLast NameVehicleAverage ET
101Race Week 2021JuanGarza9.2552
102Rocky Mountain Race Week 2021Sethslaubaugh9.256
103Race Week 2021FeliciaSmith9.268
104Hot Rod Drag Week 2021JasonBergeson1984 Chevrolet Monte Carlo SS9.2755
105Hot Rod Drag Week 2021StevenEllett1996 Chevrolet Camaro9.2959
106Rocky Mountain Race Week 2021ClydeCarlson9.3116
107Midwest Drags 2021LanceDraeger1998 Pontiac Trans Am9.319
108Race Week 2021JayDoleshal9.3526
109Race Week 2021RyanMinyard9.392
110Rocky Mountain Race Week 2021AndyCook9.3978
111Hot Rod Drag Week 2021KeithLancour1969 Chevrolet Nova9.4124
112Hot Rod Drag Week 2021WayneBaker1963 Chevrolet Chevy II9.4254
113Midwest Drags 2021JosephHouze1985 Chevrolet Monte Carlo9.43
114Hot Rod Drag Week 2021RickRussell1979 Dodge Lil Red Express9.4806
115Rocky Mountain Race Week 2021ChrisBaker9.4876
116Race Week 2021DavidBell9.5014
117Race Week 2021AaronSlayden1981 Ford Fairmont9.5112
118Midwest Drags 2021DanChisholm1955 Belair9.547
119Race Week 2021DylanCarroll9.553
120Hot Rod Drag Week 2021BryantGoldstone1973 AMC Javelin9.5672
121Hot Rod Drag Week 2021ScottMiller1968 Mercury Cougar9.5679
122Hot Rod Drag Week 2021JeffButland1971 Chevrolet Vega9.5693
123Race Week 2021AndrewSummers9.5726
124Midwest Drags 2021FrankRamano1955 Chevy 2109.6
125Rocky Mountain Race Week 2021RobertLepenske9.618
126Midwest Drags 2021JeremyBonnett1928 Model A9.62
127Hot Rod Drag Week 2021CraigRidenour1968 Chevrolet Chevy II9.6292
128Hot Rod Drag Week 2021BryanHansen1966 Chevrolet Chevy II9.6408
129Hot Rod Drag Week 2021TonyNiemczyk1995 Mitsubishi Eclipse9.6651
130Midwest Drags 2021ChrisBice1959 Truck9.687
131Hot Rod Drag Week 2021JeffreyMoll1967 Chevrolet Nova9.7019
132Midwest Drags 2021ChrisCripe1989 Ford Mustang9.723
133Midwest Drags 2021JoshuaNorris1967 Chevy II9.734
134Hot Rod Drag Week 2021DaltonMajor1970 Chevrolet Chevelle9.7997
135Rocky Mountain Race Week 2021ChadKlocke9.8066
136Hot Rod Drag Week 2021JessieHarris1980 Chevrolet C109.8189
137Race Week 2021PaydenBullock9.85
138Hot Rod Drag Week 2021RayBohadel1969 Dodge Dart9.8548
139Hot Rod Drag Week 2021MattForbes1992 Chevrolet Camaro9.8611
140Race Week 2021BrendonTurley9.8652
141Race Week 2021JoshMiller9.878
142Rocky Mountain Race Week 2021Taujeppesen9.8824
143Hot Rod Drag Week 2021JayGrabiak1955 Chevrolet 2 Door Sedan9.9029
144Midwest Drags 2021JayGarbiak1955 Chevy 1509.909
145Rocky Mountain Race Week 2021ZachYasko9.9116
146Midwest Drags 2021GaryBell1970 Chevrolet Chevelle9.924
147Hot Rod Drag Week 2021RonnieSantucci1970 Plymouth Duster9.9392
148Midwest Drags 2021TonyMcFall1963 Chevy II9.967
149Hot Rod Drag Week 2021MericO'Grady1968 Chevrolet Nova9.9866
150One Guy's GarageAladdinGarris2017 Camaro ZL19.987
151Midwest Drags 2021JustinTrettel1986 Buick Grand National9.997
152Hot Rod Drag Week 2021DuaneRuhl1992 Ford Mustang10.0093
153Hot Rod Drag Week 2021RodneyRodriguez1989 Chevrolet Camaro10.0124
154Hot Rod Drag Week 2021GlenSheeley1962 Chevrolet Corvette10.0189
155Race Week 2021TyThompson10.0204
156Midwest Drags 2021WilliamSpangler1980 Ford Fairmont10.023
157Rocky Mountain Race Week 2021ShawnSlaubaugh10.0292
158Race Week 2021MarcGrote10.0296
159Rocky Mountain Race Week 2021KyleLoftis10.0432
160Rocky Mountain Race Week 2021CodyWalker10.0456
161Race Week 2021RyanWeger10.0502
162Midwest Drags 2021CraigDouglas2015 Dodge Hellcat10.053
163Hot Rod Drag Week 2021MattLang2001 Chevrolet Camaro10.0568
164Race Week 2021BillCash10.0682
165Hot Rod Drag Week 2021BrianKeiser2016 Ford Mustang10.0727
166Hot Rod Drag Week 2021DavidBurke1979 Pontiac LeMans10.0865
167Hot Rod Drag Week 2021GregWeigart1968 Pontiac Firebird10.0972
168Hot Rod Drag Week 2021MichaelCavallaro1988 Ford Mustang10.1155
169Race Week 2021Donald AlexHartley10.1164
170Hot Rod Drag Week 2021LynnettJankuski1978 Chevrolet Monte Carlo10.1176
171Hot Rod Drag Week 2021ColtRist2004 Chevrolet Impala10.1257
172Hot Rod Drag Week 2021DeanAnderson1978 Chevrolet Cutlass10.1316
173Race Week 2021MichaelSwank10.133
174Hot Rod Drag Week 2021EugeneHolderfield2019 Ford Mustang10.1403
175Hot Rod Drag Week 2021JoeBarry1956 Chevrolet 21010.171
176Hot Rod Drag Week 2021JohnManckia1971 Chevrolet Camaro10.1711
177Rocky Mountain Race Week 2021JimPhilp10.1944
178Rocky Mountain Race Week 2021Brycejones10.1956
179Race Week 2021BradFrancis10.2062
180Hot Rod Drag Week 2021StevenWillingham2018 Chevrolet Camaro10.2145
181Race Week 2021SharonKlausner10.218
182Hot Rod Drag Week 2021TracyGrimm1970 Oldsmobile 44210.2208
183Midwest Drags 2021TravisCannon1969 Chevrolet Nova10.234
184Hot Rod Drag Week 2021DarrenKnepper1992 Toyota 4runner10.2352
185Race Week 2021JasonCunningham10.2402
186Rocky Mountain Race Week 2021BobRuppel10.243
187Hot Rod Drag Week 2021MattArruda1991 Volvo 780 Bertone10.244
188Rocky Mountain Race Week 2021DanielRomanski10.2524
189Midwest Drags 2021PaulCastiglione1972 Dodge Challenger10.257
190Race Week 2021TrevorBerkherger10.2652
191Rocky Mountain Race Week 2021MikeHazelwood10.271
192Hot Rod Drag Week 2021CoreyPant1974 Plymouth Duster10.2817
193Rocky Mountain Race Week 2021Aydanbailey10.2844
194Hot Rod Drag Week 2021PhillipDenice1964 Chevrolet Nova10.3095
195Race Week 2021DaveBarry10.3232
196Midwest Drags 2021PaulHeinrich1967 Chevy II10.328
197Midwest Drags 2021DonHoover2018 Dodge Demon10.333
198Hot Rod Drag Week 2021CodyHelger1955 Chevrolet Sedan10.335
199Hot Rod Drag Week 2021CraigSteinbacher1970 Chevrolet Nova10.3353
200Race Week 2021RobertBerry10.339
201Midwest Drags 2021JamesReeves1986 Dodge Omni10.342
202Race Week 2021StevenDalton10.3552
203Race Week 2021RandyMiller10.3562
204Hot Rod Drag Week 2021JosephO'Cone1972 Dodge Dart10.3603
205Midwest Drags 2021MikeAlley1988 Chevrolet Cheyenne10.37
206Hot Rod Drag Week 2021CharlieKrause1972 Chevrolet Monte Carlo10.3808
207Hot Rod Drag Week 2021JimForbes1962 Chevrolet Chevy II10.382
208Race Week 2021BillyLeach10.3838
209Hot Rod Drag Week 2021GarrettVia1971 Dodge Dart10.3867
210Hot Rod Drag Week 2021CharlesKrauseIII1980 Ford Fairmont10.389
211Hot Rod Drag Week 2021StewHill1957 Chevrolet Bel-Air10.3967
212Hot Rod Drag Week 2021ChrisDayka2010 Dodge Challenger10.4071
213Hot Rod Drag Week 2021MikeRymarz2011 Ford Mustang GT50010.4094
214Hot Rod Drag Week 2021JasonWillis2007 Chevrolet Corvette10.4103
215Rocky Mountain Race Week 2021Reiddavis10.4178
216Race Week 2021FrankWanicka10.42
217Rocky Mountain Race Week 2021Jamielankford10.4226
218Rocky Mountain Race Week 2021Davidmuth10.4234
219One Guy's GarageCameronAlley88 Cheyenne10.44
220Race Week 2021DinoCardella10.4462
221Hot Rod Drag Week 2021KyleKirker1957 Chevrolet Belair10.4509
222Race Week 2021BobKoetting10.4514
223Hot Rod Drag Week 2021BrianGebhart1962 Plymouth Valiant10.4547
224Hot Rod Drag Week 2021RobertBaptista1968 Chevrolet Camaro10.4703
225Hot Rod Drag Week 2021RobBarhorst1974 Pontiac Ventura GTO10.4831
226Hot Rod Drag Week 2021JoelNystrom1931 Plymouth Coupe10.4839
227Midwest Drags 2021RickTyler1984 Oldsmobile Cutlass10.486
228Hot Rod Drag Week 2021BillyGebhart1976 Plymouth Duster10.4954
229Hot Rod Drag Week 2021LonieAndazola1967 Chevrolet Camaro10.5056
230Rocky Mountain Race Week 2021Colbytipton10.5134
231Rocky Mountain Race Week 2021JamesSisk10.5572
232Midwest Drags 2021DougCarlson1974 Chevrolet Nova10.56
233Midwest Drags 2021TerryStrange1989 Ford Ranger10.567
234Race Week 2021MichaelPryka10.57
235Hot Rod Drag Week 2021JerryBarnes1967 Chevrolet Camaro10.5711
236Race Week 2021Redhat ScottyCavdel10.5722
237Hot Rod Drag Week 2021ClarkLamb1968 Plymouth Barracuda10.5763
238Rocky Mountain Race Week 2021EddieWilson10.5804
239Hot Rod Drag Week 2021MikeHiggins1969 Chevrolet Chevelle10.5914
240Rocky Mountain Race Week 2021Davidsmith10.6092
241Hot Rod Drag Week 2021StanSlachta1981 Chevrolet Camaro10.6103
242Race Week 2021GibsonFreter10.628
243Rocky Mountain Race Week 2021SeanPrejean10.6324
244Hot Rod Drag Week 2021MarkMannor1970 Chevrolet Chevelle10.6367
245Rocky Mountain Race Week 2021QuintenLewis10.6514
246Race Week 2021DaniOdom10.66
247Race Week 2021MaxNichols10.669
248Race Week 2021SethStubenberg10.6692
249Rocky Mountain Race Week 2021ChadKrueger10.67
250Midwest Drags 2021PaulFisher1969 Chevrolet Camaro10.68
251Rocky Mountain Race Week 2021Chrispadgett10.6832
252Rocky Mountain Race Week 2021TimMeyer10.6934
253Hot Rod Drag Week 2021BillTuttle1968 Chevrolet Chevelle10.7065
254Hot Rod Drag Week 2021ChadGaroutte1967 Ford Mustang10.7114
255Race Week 2021ToddStadel10.7114
256Hot Rod Drag Week 2021DarrinPape1967 Chevrolet Nova10.7122
257Hot Rod Drag Week 2021RobertRicci1988 Chevrolet Camaro10.7136
258Hot Rod Drag Week 2021TommyDupree2000 Pontiac Trans Am10.7138
259Hot Rod Drag Week 2021IanHogshead1977 Chevrolet Nova10.7375
260Hot Rod Drag Week 2021MaryAnnYoung2019 Ford Mustang GT10.7382
261Hot Rod Drag Week 2021JeremyWilson1966 Chevrolet Nova10.7391
262Rocky Mountain Race Week 2021KeithFox10.7534
263Hot Rod Drag Week 2021GeoffDugopolski1966 Chevrolet Malibu10.7589
264Midwest Drags 2021JohnMilner1932 Ford Coupe10.769
265Hot Rod Drag Week 2021TimothyBaptista1967 Chevrolet Chevelle10.7957
266Midwest Drags 2021ToyMartin1955 Chevrolet Sedan10.8
267Race Week 2021TomStark10.8134
268Midwest Drags 2021DaveTerrizzi1968 Chevrolet Nova10.82
269Hot Rod Drag Week 2021FredSimmons2000 Chevrolet Camaro Z2810.8388
270Rocky Mountain Race Week 2021Milesgroves10.845
271Race Week 2021BradyBluma1965 Chevy C1010.8528
272Hot Rod Drag Week 2021HoldenKramer1979 Chevrolet Malibu10.8686
273Rocky Mountain Race Week 2021HankKronk10.871
274Midwest Drags 2021PatrickCulkin1988 Honda Shadow10.875
275Hot Rod Drag Week 2021KevinMcKenna2014 Ford Mustang10.8753
276Race Week 2021MichaelRichardson10.8766
277Hot Rod Drag Week 2021ScottFranks1967 Chevrolet Chevelle10.8871
278Hot Rod Drag Week 2021DavidWorkman1957 Ford F10010.8882
279Hot Rod Drag Week 2021JoshChechak2020 Chevrolet Camaro10.8931
280Rocky Mountain Race Week 2021Danwilloughby10.9008
281Midwest Drags 2021ZachWright1991 Ford Mustang10.902
282Race Week 2021DanielGreen10.9134
283Race Week 2021RexPhinney10.9354
284Race Week 2021JohnLorg10.9398
285Rocky Mountain Race Week 2021MichaelJanousek10.9414
286Rocky Mountain Race Week 2021Mariohernandez10.9504
287Hot Rod Drag Week 2021MarkKranz1967 Chevrolet Chevelle10.9654
288Hot Rod Drag Week 2021JasonTrotter1987 Dodge Daytona10.9778
289Rocky Mountain Race Week 2021ShaneWerner10.9916
290Race Week 2021KelvinPoe11.00975
291Race Week 2021JarrodAspegren11.0299
292Hot Rod Drag Week 2021ChuckySkinner1987 Pontiac Firebird GTA11.0339
293Race Week 2021DeanTepen11.0352
294Rocky Mountain Race Week 2021Tomtaylor11.045
295Race Week 2021JoeySims11.048
296Race Week 2021AlanCasida11.063
297Race Week 2021CamronThorpe11.068
298Hot Rod Drag Week 2021DavidWilliams1992 Lexus SC 30011.0776
299Race Week 2021JoeyMarshall11.0778
300Rocky Mountain Race Week 2021SteveTasca11.0782
301Race Week 2021ZachDickehage11.101
302Hot Rod Drag Week 2021JamieJarvis1955 Chevrolet 21011.1082
303Hot Rod Drag Week 2021FrankGobright1970 Chevrolet Chevelle11.1141
304Hot Rod Drag Week 2021RickCallahan1969 Plymouth Belvedere11.1167
305Hot Rod Drag Week 2021MichaelLocascio2011 Cadillac CTS-V11.1251
306Midwest Drags 2021CarlBright1972 Chevrolet El Camino11.133
307Hot Rod Drag Week 2021JoshSmith1979 Chevrolet Camaro11.1492
308Hot Rod Drag Week 2021SteveEden1970 Chevrolet Nova11.1537
309Rocky Mountain Race Week 2021MichaelArkfeld11.1594
310Rocky Mountain Race Week 2021JacobRayburn11.169
311Hot Rod Drag Week 2021AndrewTaylor1989 Pontiac Firebird11.1846
312Rocky Mountain Race Week 2021MichaelAustin11.1848
313Hot Rod Drag Week 2021ScottMontgomery2007 Chevrolet Corvette11.2212
314Hot Rod Drag Week 2021MartyPixler1991 Ford Mustang11.2213
315Race Week 2021IanBrown11.2218
316Hot Rod Drag Week 2021ErikWiegand1986 Pontiac Firebird11.2224
317Race Week 2021CoryNoble11.2304
318Rocky Mountain Race Week 2021Joelmagill11.2396
319Rocky Mountain Race Week 2021Andrewloy11.2422
320Race Week 2021EthanBryson11.253
321Race Week 2021BryanLum11.2532
322Race Week 2021BlaneReed11.2712
323Rocky Mountain Race Week 2021CodyHansen11.2756
324Race Week 2021RonAugustine11.2844
325Hot Rod Drag Week 2021HunterCorcoran1969 Chevrolet Nova11.2858
326Rocky Mountain Race Week 2021Jameschance11.3028
327Rocky Mountain Race Week 2021StevenSleeper11.315
328Rocky Mountain Race Week 2021DaveWeeks11.3286
329Rocky Mountain Race Week 2021Mikeweiss11.3368
330Race Week 2021DaveBourdelais11.344
331Midwest Drags 2021WilliamPhilipin2000 Chevrolet Corvette11.353
332Hot Rod Drag Week 2021MikeMaione1989 Ford Mustang11.366
333Rocky Mountain Race Week 2021Joegrier11.3702
334Race Week 2021DrewGraff11.3748
335Race Week 2021TimReed11.3812
336Hot Rod Drag Week 2021JohnSalley2017 Dodge Charger Hellcat11.3829
337Rocky Mountain Race Week 2021JonPickering11.4136
338Hot Rod Drag Week 2021TerrenceHurley1991 Ford Mustang11.4173
339Hot Rod Drag Week 2021KevinKoloen1961 Pontiac Tempest11.4339
340Rocky Mountain Race Week 2021jamierobbins11.4344
341Race Week 2021ChristopherAtkinsonJr2012 Cadillac CTS-V Wagon11.4366
342Race Week 2021MileFinnegan11.4368
343Hot Rod Drag Week 2021RichPedraza1967 Ford Mustang11.452
344Race Week 2021MikeStiver11.4584
345Rocky Mountain Race Week 2021JoshMcShane11.4632
346Race Week 2021RonnieSteffen11.4794
347Race Week 2021RenziePoe11.4894
348Hot Rod Drag Week 2021JeremyHeizer1991 Pontiac Trans Am GTA11.4991
349Midwest Drags 2021AlanRoberts1968 Chevrolet Camaro11.504
350Rocky Mountain Race Week 2021SalSisneros11.5212
351Race Week 2021ChrisBehnken11.5234
352Midwest Drags 2021LukeRobinson2016 Chevrolet Camaro11.535
353Race Week 2021TJJohnson11.5408
354Rocky Mountain Race Week 2021Ericgrilliot11.5484
355Race Week 2021AudreaBeehler11.5504
356Race Week 2021SaraThorpe11.5624
357Race Week 2021DarrenFielder11.572
358Rocky Mountain Race Week 2021JeremyGuillory11.5814
359Race Week 2021PhillipBalmaceda11.5858
360Midwest Drags 2021DougKayser1965 Chevrolet Nova11.588
361Rocky Mountain Race Week 2021DustinMoody11.5904
362Race Week 2021MattKoetting11.595
363Hot Rod Drag Week 2021PaulBunal1967 Chevrolet Camaro11.6174
364Hot Rod Drag Week 2021StevenCallaway2006 Ford Mustang11.6206
365Hot Rod Drag Week 2021NicholasLenno1979 Dodge D-15011.6212
366Hot Rod Drag Week 2021RodneyWeaver1982 Datsun 280 ZX11.6272
367Hot Rod Drag Week 2021ChrisLewis1968 Dodge Dart11.6441
368Race Week 2021DustinDavidson11.6552
369Rocky Mountain Race Week 2021Nicklawson11.6618
370Hot Rod Drag Week 2021VincentIppolito1928 Ford Sedan11.7106
371Hot Rod Drag Week 2021DamonJaroslawski1964 Chevrolet Chevy II Nova11.7194
372Hot Rod Drag Week 2021TimothyJilg2000 Ford Mustang11.7206
373Hot Rod Drag Week 2021BrianDecker1971 Chevrolet Nova11.726
374Rocky Mountain Race Week 2021BradBohl11.7428
375Race Week 2021DustinJones11.7598
376Hot Rod Drag Week 2021JonBaker1963 Ford Galaxie 50011.7748
377Race Week 2021MikeMead11.7855
378Hot Rod Drag Week 2021BrandenButella2003 GMC Sonoma11.7889
379Rocky Mountain Race Week 2021GaylonKnowlton11.7912
380Race Week 2021SilasMansour11.7922
381Midwest Drags 2021ScottAbbott1970 Dodge Roadrunner11.8
382Hot Rod Drag Week 2021DanNissen2020 Jeep Grand Cherokee Tra11.8033
383Hot Rod Drag Week 2021TonyMcDonald1937 Dodge Truck11.8091
384Rocky Mountain Race Week 2021LangJobe11.8136
385Hot Rod Drag Week 2021RandyJuliani1966 Dodge Coronet11.818
386Race Week 2021ChristopherBerger11.824
387Rocky Mountain Race Week 2021Mattgill11.8244
388Hot Rod Drag Week 2021KevinAdams1994 Ford Mustang11.826
389Hot Rod Drag Week 2021NickHooten1979 Chevrolet Camaro11.8299
390Hot Rod Drag Week 2021LowellRust1967 Pontiac GTO11.8473
391Hot Rod Drag Week 2021ChristineWiegand1971 Pontiac Trans Am11.8638
392Rocky Mountain Race Week 2021MileConforti11.874
393Hot Rod Drag Week 2021NelsonSantos1999 Chevrolet Camaro11.879
394Hot Rod Drag Week 2021MichaelSweeney2019 Dodge Challenger 132011.8879
395Race Week 2021JeffPagano11.8956
396Hot Rod Drag Week 2021TrentWalsh1985 Ford Mustang11.9112
397Hot Rod Drag Week 2021PhilGreatorex1970 Plymouth Barracuda11.914
398Midwest Drags 2021TonyMcDowell1967 Chevrolet C1011.917
399Hot Rod Drag Week 2021StevenLemieux1970 Pontiac GTO11.9225
400Hot Rod Drag Week 2021MichaelGillette2013 Chevrolet Camaro11.9229
401Hot Rod Drag Week 2021TedMunsell1984 Ford Ranger11.9283
402Rocky Mountain Race Week 2021KellyKlein11.9458
403Hot Rod Drag Week 2021NateHines1984 Chevrolet Camaro11.9598
404Midwest Drags 2021RielyGrabiak1937 Coupe11.976
405Hot Rod Drag Week 2021BeckySenkyr1968 Pontiac GTO11.9899
406Race Week 2021JaredKime11.9936
407Rocky Mountain Race Week 2021SamBarr12.0012
408Hot Rod Drag Week 2021DavidGallimore1971 Chevrolet Chevelle12.0054
409Midwest Drags 2021DavidMorahan2013 Chevrolet Camaro12.009
410Hot Rod Drag Week 2021DeanBunting2019 Dodge Challenger12.0092
411Hot Rod Drag Week 2021JeffreyPagano1972 Chevrolet El Camino12.0142
412Race Week 2021Gregjones12.0146
413Race Week 2021MikePark12.0378
414Hot Rod Drag Week 2021DavidArnold1993 Ford Mustang12.0389
415Rocky Mountain Race Week 2021JonPerkins12.0408
416Midwest Drags 2021EricSanchez1990 Toyota Supra12.051
417Rocky Mountain Race Week 2021RonGoscha12.0522
418Rocky Mountain Race Week 2021NicholasRose12.0542
419Rocky Mountain Race Week 2021JonBoehle12.057
420Race Week 2021ConnorParish12.059
421Hot Rod Drag Week 2021DavidPaschall1987 Buick Regal T12.0593
422Race Week 2021AustinKanka12.065
423Race Week 2021DanGoscha12.074
424Race Week 2021JamesTurbeville12.074
425Rocky Mountain Race Week 2021TravisBoltman12.0776
426Race Week 2021SteveSmith12.0812
427Rocky Mountain Race Week 2021EarlGarczynski12.0828
428Rocky Mountain Race Week 2021JeffZerr12.0854
429Rocky Mountain Race Week 2021LucasBarr12.0956
430Rocky Mountain Race Week 2021EricWilson12.0986
431Race Week 2021RobertFrank12.1016
432Hot Rod Drag Week 2021ChrisGoodnow1962 Chevrolet Chevy II12.1075
433Race Week 2021JoshuaRahm12.1104
434Midwest Drags 2021JaySweetland1970 Buick Skylark12.119
435Hot Rod Drag Week 2021JamesDressler1999 Chevrolet Camaro12.1254
436Rocky Mountain Race Week 2021JaredMayberry12.1264
437Race Week 2021AaronCarey12.1328
438Race Week 2021JacobBailey12.136
439Race Week 2021DarceLaws12.14
440Hot Rod Drag Week 2021JasonBillings1957 Chevrolet 21012.1461
441Rocky Mountain Race Week 2021KevinMays12.1482
442Hot Rod Drag Week 2021JosephDynes1967 Plymouth Belvedere II12.1571
443Race Week 2021PatBeach12.1582
444Hot Rod Drag Week 2021EricImpton1994 Chevrolet Camaro12.1593
445Hot Rod Drag Week 2021JeffSixt1974 Chevrolet Nova Hatchback12.1621
446Hot Rod Drag Week 2021BenjaminHunter2009 Pontiac G812.1648
447Rocky Mountain Race Week 2021Stevenwing12.1648
448Race Week 2021DerekKeeler12.1752
449Rocky Mountain Race Week 2021JacobDietz12.1774
450Hot Rod Drag Week 2021MattSkelly2020 Ford Mustang GT12.1842
451Rocky Mountain Race Week 2021Danethompson12.1926
452Hot Rod Drag Week 2021JodyKnapp1955 Chevrolet 21012.198
453Rocky Mountain Race Week 2021CharleyOgle12.204
454Hot Rod Drag Week 2021EricLeatherman1975 Dodge Coronet12.2196
455Rocky Mountain Race Week 2021Lizsmith12.2204
456Hot Rod Drag Week 2021LesGrodi1965 Chevrolet Malibu12.2218
457Rocky Mountain Race Week 2021AustinMackey12.2242
458Race Week 2021JohnLongJr12.2336
459Rocky Mountain Race Week 2021ChadBeech12.2358
460Rocky Mountain Race Week 2021KylePate12.2364
461Race Week 2021BrianWilson12.2372
462Rocky Mountain Race Week 2021StevenThompson12.2458
463Race Week 2021MitchellBalzer12.2556
464Rocky Mountain Race Week 2021Jessicascott12.2724
465Race Week 2021JasonMeinke12.2752
466Race Week 2021AzeemSheikh12.2792
467Rocky Mountain Race Week 2021DonSherman12.28275
468Rocky Mountain Race Week 2021hooterDehony12.307
469Rocky Mountain Race Week 2021DannyTellman12.3088
470Rocky Mountain Race Week 2021SteveDavison12.3132
471Rocky Mountain Race Week 2021BrooksFleharty12.3288
472Race Week 2021OmarMorales-Esquivel12.329
473Hot Rod Drag Week 2021RickyRussell1996 Chevrolet Blazer12.3311
474Race Week 2021RogerChester12.3318
475Race Week 2021DustinBaerg12.3332
476Race Week 2021MartinRoefer12.3534
477Race Week 2021JackFisher12.3694
478Race Week 2021JohnGilliard12.3732
479Hot Rod Drag Week 2021MichaelTurner1970 Dodge Dart Swinger12.3774
480Rocky Mountain Race Week 2021JeremyTraw12.382
481Rocky Mountain Race Week 2021RobDavenport12.3946
482Hot Rod Drag Week 2021DanielAustin1967 Plymouth Barracuda12.4039
483Race Week 2021RuannHattingh12.404
484Hot Rod Drag Week 2021DallasShelton1971 Dodge Charger Super Bee12.4103
485Race Week 2021Tomfranks12.411
486Rocky Mountain Race Week 2021GerryAndres12.413
487Rocky Mountain Race Week 2021AllenLedesma12.4144
488Hot Rod Drag Week 2021DeniseKunath1970 Pontiac LeMans Sport12.4161
489Rocky Mountain Race Week 2021CalebMcGregor12.4222
490Rocky Mountain Race Week 2021LandonJensen12.4244
491Race Week 2021DustynCaudle12.4368
492Hot Rod Drag Week 2021RickyEdwardsII2001 Chevrolet Camaro12.4452
493Hot Rod Drag Week 2021DanWeidenhammer2014 Ford Mustang12.4557
494Rocky Mountain Race Week 2021DustinWright12.4616
495Rocky Mountain Race Week 2021mattcartwright12.4706
496Hot Rod Drag Week 2021RobertLeavens1965 Chevrolet II12.4778
497Race Week 2021MattWalker12.4782
498Rocky Mountain Race Week 2021ShawnPate12.4868
499Rocky Mountain Race Week 2021MattRobinson12.4876
500Hot Rod Drag Week 2021TerryKeifer1963 Dodge 44012.4988
501Race Week 2021RyanBeverlin12.5012
502Rocky Mountain Race Week 2021AustinClark12.5072
503Hot Rod Drag Week 2021JeffLingenfelter1973 Dodge Dart Sport 34012.5072
504Hot Rod Drag Week 2021JoshuaFelix1972 Pontiac Ventura12.5128
505Hot Rod Drag Week 2021RobertSchmidt1996 Chevrolet Impala SS12.5166
506Race Week 2021DanielStunda12.51666667
507Hot Rod Drag Week 2021StevenPhillips1989 Pontiac Firebird12.519
508Midwest Drags 2021JaredWehri1971 Buick GS12.521
509Hot Rod Drag Week 2021CherylKaiser1929 Ford Pick-up12.5356
510Race Week 2021JeremyEitel12.5366
511Race Week 2021JoelLyles12.5532
512Rocky Mountain Race Week 2021RichThorpe12.5564
513Rocky Mountain Race Week 2021KlintCantu12.5724
514Hot Rod Drag Week 2021ChrisVanderwalker2019 Dodge Charger12.5798
515Midwest Drags 2021KimballHodge1957 Chevy 310012.588
516Race Week 2021ChrisHolley12.591
517Rocky Mountain Race Week 2021NickThompson12.5966
518Hot Rod Drag Week 2021JaredMcGahen2008 Pontiac G812.6198
519Hot Rod Drag Week 2021KristopherBurnham2020 Ford Mustang GT12.6491
520Rocky Mountain Race Week 2021KennyMcGarry12.6532
521Hot Rod Drag Week 2021SteveFelker1985 Chevrolet El Camino12.6567
522Rocky Mountain Race Week 2021MichaelGarner12.6692
523Rocky Mountain Race Week 2021KyleGariepy12.6698
524Rocky Mountain Race Week 2021EricMalek12.6818
525Hot Rod Drag Week 2021JamesEngland1968 Ford Mustang12.6854
526Midwest Drags 2021ErikWeigand1966 Pontiac Lemans12.701
527Rocky Mountain Race Week 2021ClydeBailey12.7328
528Race Week 2021TomFauglid12.7444
529Rocky Mountain Race Week 2021JoeRael12.7448
530Rocky Mountain Race Week 2021JessicaWerner12.7456
531Hot Rod Drag Week 2021SethLindner1982 Chevrolet Camaro12.7465
532Hot Rod Drag Week 2021BrandonMiller1972 Chevrolet Monte Carlo12.7493
533Rocky Mountain Race Week 2021JoelClark12.7724
534Race Week 2021JamesRevels12.7786
535Race Week 2021ChrisManuel12.792
536Hot Rod Drag Week 2021KainenHall1977 Chevrolet C1012.8158
537Hot Rod Drag Week 2021BenjaminBrown1981 Pontiac Grand LeMans Safar12.8201
538Rocky Mountain Race Week 2021ShawnSeifert12.8206
539Rocky Mountain Race Week 2021KyleCalkins12.8208
540Rocky Mountain Race Week 2021Daviddunn12.8214
541Rocky Mountain Race Week 2021CheyenneLord12.8472
542Hot Rod Drag Week 2021DavidHart1969 Plymouth Satellite12.8536
543Rocky Mountain Race Week 2021RowdyCain12.8642
544Hot Rod Drag Week 2021JarenNiewinski1987 Chrysler Town and Country12.8802
545Rocky Mountain Race Week 2021JamesWhite12.883
546Hot Rod Drag Week 2021JonathanNoocha1999 Dodge Dakota SRT12.8833
547Hot Rod Drag Week 2021ChristopherDubis1968 Plymouth Barracuda12.8842
548Hot Rod Drag Week 2021JohnPowell1987 Chevrolet S1012.9041
549Hot Rod Drag Week 2021StephenMask1994 Buick Roadmaster Wagon12.9296
550Midwest Drags 2021DougWhited2002 GMC Sierra12.93
551Hot Rod Drag Week 2021RickKruse2013 Chevrolet Camaro12.9319
552Hot Rod Drag Week 2021CharlieEwald2016 Dodge Viper ACR12.9427
553Hot Rod Drag Week 2021DuaneKeiser2014 Ford Mustang12.9536
554Hot Rod Drag Week 2021AnthonyFerguson1978 Chevrolet Malibu12.9574
555Rocky Mountain Race Week 2021Gavinlusk12.9684
556Rocky Mountain Race Week 2021BrandonWilson12.974
557Rocky Mountain Race Week 2021Tylerconsbruck12.9864
558Rocky Mountain Race Week 2021DonGould12.9994
559Race Week 2021JasonKing12.9998
560Hot Rod Drag Week 2021RossMcCracken2001 Chevrolet Silverado13.0131
561Race Week 2021ChrisGosch13.0198
562Race Week 2021SpencerDavid13.0244
563Hot Rod Drag Week 2021MikeBogardus1972 AMC Hornet13.0276
564Race Week 2021JesseMadaffari13.0296
565Race Week 2021AustinMcMeans13.034
566Race Week 2021UriahKesner13.0536
567Hot Rod Drag Week 2021NeilJenks1967 Dodge Dart13.0564
568Race Week 2021EarronRoberts13.064
569Hot Rod Drag Week 2021PrescottPhillips1956 Volkswagen Beetle13.0717
570Race Week 2021JaredGuinn13.0718
571Race Week 2021WillCarner13.0732
572Rocky Mountain Race Week 2021ChuckJensen13.0816
573Rocky Mountain Race Week 2021DerekDilts13.0866
574Hot Rod Drag Week 2021DillonElkins1966 Chevrolet Impala13.0868
575Race Week 2021TerryDunlap13.0978
576Race Week 2021JohnSchmitt13.1044
577Race Week 2021BritneyFriesen13.1052
578Rocky Mountain Race Week 2021Carriewatson13.112
579Rocky Mountain Race Week 2021DrewSchendel13.1122
580Hot Rod Drag Week 2021KevinGibbs1969 Chevrolet Chevelle13.115
581Race Week 2021AndrewMunchinski13.116
582Hot Rod Drag Week 2021DavidWild2012 Chevrolet Caprice PPV13.1177
583Race Week 2021KatiLaughter13.1202
584Hot Rod Drag Week 2021StevenGrider2013 Ford Mustang Boss 30213.1256
585Rocky Mountain Race Week 2021RyanMcFadden13.1316
586Race Week 2021LukeBrunkow13.1324
587Race Week 2021JohnLongSR13.1336
588Rocky Mountain Race Week 2021DougReh13.135
589Rocky Mountain Race Week 2021TomSisneros13.1362
590Rocky Mountain Race Week 2021ReggieMoore13.143
591Hot Rod Drag Week 2021NicholasVlietstra1978 Oldsmobile Cutlass13.1434
592Rocky Mountain Race Week 2021AshleyGroves13.1444
593Rocky Mountain Race Week 2021BrianSnider13.15025
594Rocky Mountain Race Week 2021JenniferKoster13.1534
595Race Week 2021MichaelButterfield13.15386
596Hot Rod Drag Week 2021GeorgeHill2002 BMW 325iT13.1581
597Race Week 2021JoeLamastra13.1622
598Hot Rod Drag Week 2021DavidSoper2004 Chevrolet Corvette13.1641
599Race Week 2021JacobSwisher13.1704
600Rocky Mountain Race Week 2021Tommyfielder13.2006
601Hot Rod Drag Week 2021TroyNorris1991 Ford Mustang13.208
602Race Week 2021RianBurge13.2118
603Race Week 2021BobbyCole13.214
604Hot Rod Drag Week 2021MichaelWhitney1966 Chevrolet Nova13.2192
605Race Week 2021VinceRuhe13.2534
606Race Week 2021DennisKirkland13.2536
607Race Week 2021JohnKimbrough13.257
608Rocky Mountain Race Week 2021MakaylaMarietta13.257
609Midwest Drags 2021KurtVan Matre1967 Chevrolet Camaro13.26
610Race Week 2021NikkoCristoferi13.2798
611Hot Rod Drag Week 2021AaronShumaker1995 Chevrolet S1013.2807
612Hot Rod Drag Week 2021NikolasNorris2009 Dodge Charger13.3111
613Hot Rod Drag Week 2021DougGoebel1968 Plymouth Roadrunner13.3113
614Race Week 2021SteveMcDermottJr13.3174
615Rocky Mountain Race Week 2021CodySmith13.3366
616Rocky Mountain Race Week 2021KeithHorton13.3392
617Rocky Mountain Race Week 2021Dougmcginnis13.3476
618Rocky Mountain Race Week 2021DarrylCole13.3866
619Hot Rod Drag Week 2021JohnMinchuk1972 Chevrolet Nova13.3869
620Rocky Mountain Race Week 2021MattFero13.3886
621Midwest Drags 2021CatherineSamson1971 Plymouth Valiant13.391
622Rocky Mountain Race Week 2021DakotaMerritt13.3998
623Hot Rod Drag Week 2021JonathanHanas2000 GMC Sonoma13.4006
624Rocky Mountain Race Week 2021Joeernst13.403
625Hot Rod Drag Week 2021ThomasRightler1969 Dodge Charger13.4094
626Rocky Mountain Race Week 2021JessEspejoJr13.4152
627Rocky Mountain Race Week 2021Josephhooker13.4326
628Race Week 2021BillPerkins13.4672
629Hot Rod Drag Week 2021RyanKoenker1928 Ford Model A Roadster13.4713
630Rocky Mountain Race Week 2021JasonActon13.4742
631Rocky Mountain Race Week 2021SkyPerry13.4828
632Rocky Mountain Race Week 2021StevenFranz13.488
633Hot Rod Drag Week 2021MikeMurray1965 Chevrolet Nova13.4976
634Race Week 2021FredCullen13.5182
635Hot Rod Drag Week 2021AndySavakinas2010 Jeep Grand Cherokee13.519
636Rocky Mountain Race Week 2021DillonShoffner13.532
637Rocky Mountain Race Week 2021ShawnMohler13.5372
638Race Week 2021CurtisTanke13.548
639Rocky Mountain Race Week 2021AlexDavis13.5674
640Race Week 2021DonaldFann13.59462
641Rocky Mountain Race Week 2021TylerJensen13.6174
642Race Week 2021JeremyKroeger13.65
643Hot Rod Drag Week 2021JacobHauser1969 Chevrolet Nova13.6585
644Race Week 2021ShaneWilson13.6632
645Rocky Mountain Race Week 2021LisaHamill13.6766
646Hot Rod Drag Week 2021NathanielMahoy1980 Chevrolet Monza Spyder13.6787
647Midwest Drags 2021GordonGerke2001 Chevrolet S1013.679
648Rocky Mountain Race Week 2021JeffCordova13.6888
649Rocky Mountain Race Week 2021Gregstafford13.6932
650Hot Rod Drag Week 2021TravisFathi1983 Chevrolet Malibu Wagon13.696
651Rocky Mountain Race Week 2021PatrickChandler13.6976
652Hot Rod Drag Week 2021GaryStancell1984 Chevrolet S1013.7035
653Hot Rod Drag Week 2021JoeUnverzagt1959 Volkswagen Bug13.721
654Rocky Mountain Race Week 2021TravisSpiehs13.7538
655Rocky Mountain Race Week 2021NickTruax13.7672
656Hot Rod Drag Week 2021ChristopherPoole1984 Oldsmobile Cutlass13.8411
657Rocky Mountain Race Week 2021EliGould13.8532
658Hot Rod Drag Week 2021BrianSmith2012 Ford Mustang13.8552
659Hot Rod Drag Week 2021JeffStrawska1964 Ford Fairlane13.8636
660Rocky Mountain Race Week 2021JamesZajac13.9216
661Hot Rod Drag Week 2021TomGrover1966 Ford Mustang13.9761
662Rocky Mountain Race Week 2021MitchellStapletonCadillac Escalade ESV13.981
663Rocky Mountain Race Week 2021DamonVigil13.99
664Race Week 2021CaseyEvaleigh13.9926
665Hot Rod Drag Week 2021KyleWimmer1964 Buick Electrica 22513.9943
666Hot Rod Drag Week 2021JimWiser1984 Chevrolet Monte Carlo13.9943
667Rocky Mountain Race Week 2021DonnyAndrade13.9974
668Rocky Mountain Race Week 2021LanceThormahlem14.005
669Rocky Mountain Race Week 2021ScottGuthrie14.031
670Race Week 2021ErnieRaile14.0318
671Rocky Mountain Race Week 2021JerryHall14.0514
672Rocky Mountain Race Week 2021AustinMatteson14.0562
673Hot Rod Drag Week 2021NickCryer1963 Divco Milk Truck14.0659
674Race Week 2021CoreySchroeder14.0702
675Race Week 2021DavidChavez14.07833333
676Hot Rod Drag Week 2021MarkForesman1954 Willys Pickup14.0834
677Race Week 2021EricCarroll14.0898
678Rocky Mountain Race Week 2021ChadWilliams14.1056
679Race Week 2021AnthonyWatson14.1062
680Rocky Mountain Race Week 2021LarryArmstrong14.1144
681Hot Rod Drag Week 2021RaymondHagemann1969 Ford Mustang14.1233
682Race Week 2021StevieEllingson14.132
683Race Week 2021AnthonyThomas14.1404
684Hot Rod Drag Week 2021JohnMarecki1982 Pontiac Grand Prix14.1472
685Race Week 2021MartinRanker14.1514
686Race Week 2021MikeKerns14.1516
687Rocky Mountain Race Week 2021RobertLivingston14.1572
688Rocky Mountain Race Week 2021RobertHall14.168
689Hot Rod Drag Week 2021KevinJackson1932 Ford 5 Window Coupe14.1804
690Rocky Mountain Race Week 2021MatthewStom14.1906
691Race Week 2021DustinHarris14.194
692Hot Rod Drag Week 2021TyCobb2013 Ford Mustang14.1966
693Rocky Mountain Race Week 2021LisaPanter14.197
694Hot Rod Drag Week 2021VincentRasch1969 Pontiac GTO14.2232
695Hot Rod Drag Week 2021ChristopherHyatt2016 Chevrolet SS14.2265
696Rocky Mountain Race Week 2021Mollylusk14.2366
697Hot Rod Drag Week 2021ScottRessler1979 Dodge D-10014.2488
698Race Week 2021BennyGiesbrecht14.2514
699Rocky Mountain Race Week 2021IanWeeks14.253
700Race Week 2021BrendanMull14.2598
701Race Week 2021DavidKroth14.284
702Rocky Mountain Race Week 2021KellySpringerley14.3064
703Race Week 2021DennisHoganIII14.32075
704Rocky Mountain Race Week 2021JoeyBarry14.332
705Rocky Mountain Race Week 2021BradStapp14.339
706Rocky Mountain Race Week 2021AddieEhrlich14.3538
707Hot Rod Drag Week 2021NeilTorbett1965 Ford F-10014.3677
708Rocky Mountain Race Week 2021MikeGonzales14.3726
709Hot Rod Drag Week 2021BrianDavis1965 Chevrolet Corvair14.3808
710Hot Rod Drag Week 2021JaesonHager2002 Ford Mustang14.3808
711Hot Rod Drag Week 2021MarcusClarke1968 Chevrolet Nova14.406
712Race Week 2021MattHelms14.4094
713Rocky Mountain Race Week 2021ErinNavant14.4244
714Rocky Mountain Race Week 2021RayceBobo14.4246
715Race Week 2021ShaundaDaugherty14.426
716Rocky Mountain Race Week 2021MikeHerd14.4354
717Midwest Drags 2021DavidBeer1978 Chevrolet C1014.45
718Rocky Mountain Race Week 2021LarryGoad14.4506
719Rocky Mountain Race Week 2021CassandraGuinn14.512
720Rocky Mountain Race Week 2021JasonVinsonhaler14.5144
721Midwest Drags 2021MattDonovan1968 Pontiac GTO14.562
722Rocky Mountain Race Week 2021LarryConilogue14.5638
723Rocky Mountain Race Week 2021ChrisRobinson14.5836
724Hot Rod Drag Week 2021JohnPuckett1983 Mercury Capri14.5884
725Race Week 2021MartinMilner14.5898
726Race Week 2021GarrettHahn14.63
727Race Week 2021MilesDavidson14.6488
728Rocky Mountain Race Week 2021KelliHoff14.653
729Race Week 2021AJAnderson14.6592
730Rocky Mountain Race Week 2021DonMcGinnis14.6786
731Rocky Mountain Race Week 2021BrentonThiessen14.719
732Rocky Mountain Race Week 2021DanielGlover14.7388
733Race Week 2021JohnDaugherty14.778
734Hot Rod Drag Week 2021MattHalbkat2007 Chevrolet Impala SS14.8094
735Rocky Mountain Race Week 2021JamesFero14.8436
736Rocky Mountain Race Week 2021JoelWach14.8642
737Rocky Mountain Race Week 2021JeremieZeigler14.9022
738Race Week 2021JasonCantrall15.0056
739Race Week 2021MarcIske15.0586
740Race Week 2021WacoDavis15.1092
741Rocky Mountain Race Week 2021NateMartin15.1226
742Rocky Mountain Race Week 2021KeetonMaxon15.1262
743Hot Rod Drag Week 2021VanGeibel1966 Pontiac Le Mans15.1548
744Race Week 2021BrandonPrince15.1868
745Hot Rod Drag Week 2021JerryKratz1964 Ford Falcon Sedan Delive15.192
746Midwest Drags 2021DougWyatt2003 500T15.267
747Rocky Mountain Race Week 2021JosiahYarber15.2706
748Rocky Mountain Race Week 2021JillGuillory15.3468
749Rocky Mountain Race Week 2021JeffWildhaber15.3612
750Hot Rod Drag Week 2021BreBrewer2008 Ford Mustang15.3989
751Rocky Mountain Race Week 2021LouisMobley15.4538
752Hot Rod Drag Week 2021RobertGeorge1971 Chevrolet C1015.4579
753Race Week 2021MaxKroening15.4674
754Hot Rod Drag Week 2021DavidStewart1949 Chevrolet 310015.4845
755Rocky Mountain Race Week 2021NickDerry15.512
756Race Week 2021MattRowe15.563
757Rocky Mountain Race Week 2021JeneHammond15.5878
758Rocky Mountain Race Week 2021CharlieWiseman15.6448
759Hot Rod Drag Week 2021ChrisCabe1994 Ford Lightening15.6507
760Race Week 2021DonLindsey15.6852
761Hot Rod Drag Week 2021ScottGlassbrook1991 Eagle Talon15.7509
762Race Week 2021JoeBradshaw15.7644
763Hot Rod Drag Week 2021DonovanLatimore1972 Volkswagen Beetle15.7662
764Race Week 2021MichaelNoble15.824
765Rocky Mountain Race Week 2021PeytonClassen15.9202
766Rocky Mountain Race Week 2021BrianDater15.954
767Rocky Mountain Race Week 2021JamesPotter16.034
768Race Week 2021KeithWells16.1156
769Race Week 2021Stacystrealy16.2762
770Race Week 2021TimSteenson16.4444
771Rocky Mountain Race Week 2021FredCullon16.47925
772Race Week 2021HeatherTraw16.5218
773Race Week 2021ShawnSiefert16.8926
774Rocky Mountain Race Week 2021LukasOlson16.9648
775Rocky Mountain Race Week 2021RaceNavant17.0802
776Rocky Mountain Race Week 2021DavidVasser17.181
777Hot Rod Drag Week 2021JeffKurczak1973 Ford Grand Torino Sport17.2638
778Hot Rod Drag Week 2021CortneyGoebel1984 Dodge Rampage17.2835
779Hot Rod Drag Week 2021MartinBorton1995 Eagle Talon17.6111
780Race Week 2021KlaytonMyrtle17.8234
781Rocky Mountain Race Week 2021DouglasKinnaman18.0206
782Midwest Drags 2021TedWoodman1960 Chevrolet Belair19.111
783Race Week 2021KentDavis19.1608
784Hot Rod Drag Week 2021AnthonyPecoraro2009 Chevrolet Prison Bus21.7541
785Race Week 2021AndrewJohnson24.728